Conference "AI in Language Education"

27 mars 2024

10:00 to 17:00


Université Saint-Louis


This exceptional gathering will be held both in person at the Université Saint-Louis/UCLouvain in Brussels, Belgium, and virtually.

The Altissia Chair brings together a network of experts in the field of digital humanities within the Faculty of Philosophy, Arts, and Letters at UCLouvain (FIAL).

Its aim is to study the impact of digital technology on the humanities in a cross-cutting manner, addressing opportunities, paradigm shifts, and challenges.

Here is the agenda for this event:

  • 10h: Introduction by Nicolas-Louis Boël (CEO of Altissia) and Prof. Ferran Suñer (Language Didactics at UCLouvain, Belgium), Room: Auditorium 100
  • 10h15: Prof. Glenn Stockwell (Waseda University), "Going Beyond the Hype - Living and Learning with AI in Language Education" Room: Auditorium 100
  • 11h15: Panel discussion, Room: Auditorium 100:
    • Prof. Glenn Stockwell (Director of TESOL Studies, Waseda University, Japon)
    • Arnaud Vincent (Teacher of English as a Foreign Language, Collège Cardinal Mercier, Belgium),
    • Lucie Niclaes (Student, UCLouvain, Belgium),
    • Moderation: Prof. Ferran Suñer (Language Didactics at UCLouvain, Belgium)
  • 12h15: Lunch
  • 14h: Workshops (session 1):
    • Room P02: Leveraging AI for Effective Lesson Plan Design, Prof. Fanny Meunier (English Linguistics and Didactics, UCLouvain) and Rémy Decorte (English Didactics, UCLouvain);
    • Room P61: The Use of Chatbots to Enhance Students' Speaking Ability, Prof. Serge Bibauw (French Didactics, UCLouvain, Belgium),
  • 16h: Workshops (session 2): Same workshops

On-site participation is free of charge but participants are required to register by March 17.

While the event will primarily be conducted in English, we welcome questions and interactions in other languages. So, feel free to bring your multilingual charm with you! We look forward to connecting with you.