International Workshop on "Theoretical cross-fertilization of the ACF"


26 février 2018

27 février 2018

2.00 pm - 6.30 pm le 26/02; 9.30 am - 1.00 pm le 27/02


Ateliers des Fucam, 2 rue des Soeurs Noires

The Advocacy Coalition Framework (ACF) conceptualizes the policy process as a political struggle among coalitions of policy actors involved in a given policy subsystem. Within coalitions, policy actors use their resources and coordinate their political activity in order to impose a shared system of policy beliefs to other advocacy coalitions. Their opportunities to do so depend on relatively stable parameters and external shocks at the level of the political system. Over time, policy actors also adjust their beliefs related to public policy – a process called ‘policy learning’ that induces policy change too.
Over the years, the need of theoretical cross-fertilization to develop ACF theories of learning, coalitions, and change has become more evident. The papers presented in this workshop contribute to this effort.

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Participation is free but registration is compulsory by February 2018, 16th: Vinciane Claus