Séminaire Général ISPOLE

28 septembre 2023

12.45-14.00 (lunch 12.15)


Bat Leclercq -LECL B290

Explorations into the Language of Conflict


Stéphane Baele (Professeur, UCLouvain)



Discutant.es : Benjamin Chemouni (professeur, UCLouvain) et Marion Jacques (doctorante, UCLouvain)


Language plays several critical roles in political conflict. This presentation aims to highlight some of these roles as they have appeared in my empirical research over the past 10 years, emphasising the importance of building multidisciplinary theoretical frameworks and engaging across the quantitative-qualitative divide. Reflecting on wo2rk carried out on cases ranging from Rwandan genocidaires’ radio to ISIS propaganda, from insults in international relations to AI-generated extremist text, the presentation will also identify areas for future research on the topic.


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