Research jobs :

1 PhD or Post-Doc  position in data mining applied to software at Université catholique de Louvain, Belgium within the "Intelligent Modernisation Assistance for Legacy Software (INTiMALS)" project

The INTiMALS project is a research collaboration between Raincode Labs, an industrial partner specialised in modernising legacy software systems ( and two universities (the Université catholique de Louvain, UCL and the Vrije Universiteit Brussel, VUB).

The key idea behind the project is to treat source code of legacy software as data that can be analyzed.
The project aims to:
- develop novel data mining algorithms that can be applied on software repositories
- apply these algorithms on repositories with legacy software
- integrate the algorithms in an intelligent software modernisation assistant tool for Raincode’s developers.

The data mining algorithms should identify unknown patterns in the current state and structure of a system’s source code (programming idioms, coding conventions, library usage protocols) and changes made to this code (systematic edits, repetitive changes), and should provide recommendations based on these patterns.

Researchers at UCL and VUB will contribute their expertise in software development technology, language engineering and source code analysis. UCL will contribute its expertise in the development and use of data mining algorithms.

Challenges that will be studied in the project include:
- How to effectively use data mining to assist software developers;
- How to analyze big data repositories efficiently;
- How to exploit the graph structure of software repositories;
- How to quantify the usefulness and interestingness of patterns in source code.

Both candidates with a PhD degree or a master's degree may apply. Salaries are based on the official salary scales in Belgium, taking into account the number of years of prior experience you may have.

How to apply?

Applications should contain at least the following:
1) A short cover letter that describes your qualifications and motivations for applying to this specific position.
2) A detailed curriculum vitae. (Clearly mention your degree.) Applications should be made by sending us a mail with “INTiMALS application: <your name>” in the  subject field.

This mail should be sent to BOTH of the following email addresses:
Kim Mens,
Siegfried Nijssen,

For more information, don’t hesitate to send us a mail.