Computer labs

Many computer labs are available to students for educational and research activities.


Barring exceptions, access to computer labs is authorised only to UCL students and staff in possession of a valid UCL access card.

Terms of use

All users agree to follow university information technology rules, codes and policies, as well as the internal rules relating to classrooms.


To log in to a computer, you must activate your UCL global username and choose a password, which you can do online from any computer. See ‘New UCL students’.

After activation, you become part of the UCL domain (Oasis) and can access university computers and IT services (email, virtual office, personal data storage, Wi-Fi, online course platform, etc.).


Some computer labs include peripheral equipment, such as printers and scanners. Infrastructure (computers, networks, printers, scanners, Wi-Fi, etc.) are continually updated.

General office software is installed in all computers; other, course-related software is installed in accordance with computer lab specialisation. All computers access the Internet.

Printing is often possible but subject to conditions.

Access to personal data storage on UCL servers enables you to store and retrieve documents on any computer (UCL cloud).

Wi-Fi service covers all classrooms/computer labs and the connection procedure is the same regardless of building, sector or site.


Computer labs are located in several areas on the university’s sites. So-called ‘generalist’ computer labs are open access; others are specialised or dedicated to practical work and classes. Several are intended for working in groups.

Clicking on any of the boxes below leads to a map of computer labs. Clicking on a lab on the map opens a window that displays a description, number of work stations, etc.

Salles informatiques à Louvain la Neuve - Secteur des Sciences et technologies Salles informatiques à louvain la Neuve - secteur des Sciences Humaines Salles informatiques à Mons Salles informatiques sur d'autres sites de l'UCL