New UCL students

Hello and welcome to UCL!

First of all, if you have not already done so, please activate your UCL online account, also known as your ‘UCL global user account’. You can do so online from any computer, including one in a UCL computer lab.

See ‘Activate your global account’.

You must activate your account in order to be able to:

  • register for classes and exams (which is done only online via My UCL);
  • register on the Moodle online course platform and access information your professors provide therein;
  • access your UCL email account;
  • access your personal data storage (UCL cloud);
  • login to a computer lab work station.

You have received or will soon receive an electronic access card, or smart card, with which you can access libraries and their holdings, classrooms and possibly protected buildings, car parks, etc.

The IT services to which you are entitled (email, Wi-Fi, software, etc.) are described on the intranet – My UCL – and require logging in.

First login at a computer lab work station

To log in to a computer, you must enter your:

  • UCL global username;
  • password.