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Official body representing the scientific staff of the UCLouvainn


Who is a CORSCI member?

The scientific staff (CORSCI) of UCLouvain includes:

1) The scientific staff of the university, permanent or temporary (e.g. assistants, scientific collaborators).

2) Persons affiliated to an UCLouvain institute but paid by other organizations (e.g. persons with a F.R.S.-FNRS mandate).

(Article 4 of the Règlement Administratif des Membres du Corps Scientifique)


What are the missions of CORSCI?

  • the representation of the CORSCI;
  • safeguarding and promoting the interests of the members;
  • promoting contacts between members of different disciplines;
  • the realization of tasks assigned by the administrative regulation;
  • to contribute to the life and organization of the UCLouvain.

(article 2 of the CORSCI bylaws)

CORSCI representatives


The working groups

Any CORSCI member (with or without a representative role) can join one or several of these WGs at any time, by contacting the person(s) concerned.