The Scientific Body of UCLouvain, called the CORSCI (a blend combining parts of corps and scientifique, in French), includes various scientific staff, in particular assistants; PhD students and permanent from the FNRS, the FRIA and other funding bodies; doctoral and post-doctoral fellows; and scientific collaborators.

They are represented by the Scientific Body Council (Conseil CORSCI) and by the elected representatives in the sectors. The purpose of the CORSCI is:

  • to represent the scientists of the Université catholique de Louvain in the various bodies and commissions of the university. Any member of the CORSCI is a voter and is eligible to represent the Scientific Body; 
  • to prepare requests addressed by researchers and to forward them to the academic authorities. Conversely, the Scientific Body transmits to the members of the Scientific Body information from the governance bodies (e.g. the Academic Council or the Research Council).

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