Milad Doueihi


"Digital technology demands to be viewed as a form of humanism’"

An American researcher born in Lebanon in 1959, Milad Doueihi is a philosopher and historian of religions in the modern West. Currently the Humanum Chair of Digital Humanism at the Université Paris-Sorbonne (Paris-IV), he founded the Chair of Digital Humanism at the Université Laval. A graduate of Cornell University, he has taught in the United States (Johns Hopkins University), Canada and the United Kingdom. He is theorist of the digital world about which he has published several essays: ‘La grande conversion numérique’ (‘The great digital conversion’) (Seuil, 2008), ‘Pour un humanisme numérique’ (‘For a digital humanism’) (Seuil, 2011), ‘Qu’est-ce que le numérique ?’ (‘What is digital?’) (PUF, 2013).

His sponsor is Professor Aurore François (FIAL/IACCHOS), a professor of historical methodology and archival science, director of the UCL Archives Department and co-coordinator of the Louvain Year of Digital Worlds.