2023 honorary doctorates


Confronting violence with words and images

On Thursday 16 February 2023,UCLouvain has awarded honorary doctorates to three individuals fighting for freedom and a more just society: Adelle Blackett, a law professor who fights for dignity at work; Oleksandra Matviichuk, a fundamental rights activist whose NGO recently received the Nobel Peace Prize; and Elia Suleiman, a filmmaker and actor whose work denounces all forms of violence.

UCLouvain brought these three individuals together to the theme of “Confronting violence with words and images”. They engage in the contemporary world crossed by multifaceted violence to denounce all discrimination and inequality, to fight against forms of repression and to defend human rights.

By honouring them, UCLouvain stresses the importance of freedom of expression and differing points of view. Dialogue, through which knowledge evolves through exchange and argument, is essential to society’s evolution.

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The photo album of two exceptional days


Two days of meeting with the university community



Portraits of the three honored personalities