Computer science

You dream of taking an active part in the digital revolution. You want to design innovative, robust and evolutive computer systems using advanced algorithms, relying on powerful computer networks.

The Master program aims to train innovative professional designers, developers who adapt quickly to evolving technologies, managers who operate and maintain the systems they are responsible for and ensure their quality.


The curriculum is based on a deep understanding of concepts, reflection and abstraction. These skills enable graduates to adapt quickly to the employer’s needs. This adaptability is further enhanced by the importance attributed to the application of concepts. Indeed, the program contains many projects, assignments, a master’s thesis and the possibility to perform an internship. The program also maintains a balance between technical skills and soft skills, striving for excellence and pragmatism.

UCL is a place for teaching and research. The research conducted in the field of Computer Science within ICTEAM is internationally recognized. Through the options of the program, students benefit from this cutting-edge knowledge in artificial Intelligence, data science, networking and security, software engineering and programming systems and, for engineering students, at the frontier with electricity, applied mathematics and life sciences.

Job opportunities

The employment prospects are not lacking. Various international studies indicate a shortage of computer scientists in many countries. They will contribute to shaping tomorrow's world where computing will be omnipresent to design intelligent, connected objects and to manage more and more complex systems.

The application fields are countless, in all sectors (industrial production, systems design, agriculture, culture / art, finance, etc.) and in different roles (designer, analyst, developer, project leader, technical salesman, etc.)

These studies can also lead to research activities and to a PhD.

Two Master’s degrees

The Master in computer science is intended for students with a direct specialization in computer science.

The Master in computer science and engineering leads to an engineer's degree and requires a bachelor's degree in engineering, including a large background in science and technology (physics, chemistry, mathematics, etc.).

Both require a solid mastery of the basic concepts of computer science: logic, data structures, computer system architecture, algorithms, networks, and programming languages.