With its campus in one of Europe’s first science parks, the Louvain School of Engineering (EPL) encourages rich partnerships between academia and industry. In the past 5 years, a dozen spin-offs have come out of the school. EPL is aware that its graduates not only need to be top engineers in their field, but that they have to develop the soft and management skills necessary to become successful entrepreneurs.

To this end, EPL has developed a number of programs introducing students to entrepreneurship and encouraging their creative thinking. Programs such as Startech, CPME, and Innovation Classes are complementary to the already strong learning-by-doing culture at Université catholique de Louvain. Specifically, the aim is to help students bridge the gap between their engineering skills and marketing technology. We hope that by working toward this goal, we will create a new generation of engineering entrepreneurs !

Finally, EPL is fully aware of the incredible pace at wich technologies evolve and the challenge that this creates for the training of engineers. The Louvain School of Engineering has decided to take on this challenge by:1) remaining a Polytechnic passing on to its students strong foundations in the corefields of Mathematics, Chemistry, Physics and Computer Science; and by 2) developing targeted programmes designed to fully embrace the opportunities and challenges linked to fast paced technological advances such as a Master's degree in Cybersecurity and a Master's degree in Data Sciences.