The Louvain School of Engineering (EPL) organises bachelor's, master's and doctoral studies in the fields of engineering science, computer science and data science:

Why choose to study civil engineering?

Engineers discover how to balance forces on bridges, develop engines, trains, cars, telephones and implants, calculate the images produced by a scanner, develop new materials and systems of unimagined complexity and use them to make the everyday objects of daily life, supported by the teams within which they work.

The men and women who choose to be engineers generate the tools and technologies that enable economic and political choices. They influence them profoundly and, in return, depend on them directly. Just as technologies can cause major crises, they also enable the construction of a new society. The role of an engineer is simply to place these techniques at the service of humanity.

The five years of study that make up the civil engineering programme at UCLouvain are an effective preparation for these careers and the roles expected of our graduates.

Why choose to study computer science?

Information technology is everywhere. Internet, GSM, smartphones, robotics, home automation, home banking, trading, e-commerce, business management, hospitals, road safety, performance and venue management, transport, leisure… all these areas and many others depend on information technology.

All of society – small and large companies, public services, the third sector – has a growing need for IT specialists. Don't just be an observer or a user of this digital revolution – be part of its source, put your stamp on it, be an active player and influence the evolution of our society by studying computer science.

The university computer science programmes offered by UCLouvain aim to train future IT development project managers by providing them with technical, contextual and personal skills. They will form these computer science students into versatile professionals able to respond and adapt to society's needs.