Why a PhD?

A PhD student is three things at once: a student, a researcher and a worker. We understand this at EPL, which is why the PhD constitutes:

  • A complete course: delivered by the best teachers in their field, the PhD course enables you to develop highlevel disciplinary knowledge as well as vital interdisciplinary skills such as project management, communicating scientific information to non-scientists, technology transfer, creating spin-offs etc. Studying for a PhD also means developing professional qualities and skills that are indispensable in the employment market.
  • A unique research experience. PhD studies at EPL provide professional experience of research that can be found nowhere else, with the freedom to immerse yourself fully in a subject that interests you and to explore it to the deepest level over several years. It is also the promise of a human adventure, often within a team in contact with the international scientific community, providing opportunities for meetings and a continuously challenging environment.
  • An opportunity to contribute to society's evolution. At EPL, we consider that research takes on its full meaning when it responds to society's needs and its results can be applied usefully. This is why PhD students are educated and supported in the knowledge and technology transfer approach