The Louvain School of Engineering (EPL) delivers 14 master's programmes giving access to civil engineering degrees and master's degrees in computer science. Nearly 300 students graduate every year, making EPL the leading polytechnic faculty in the Wallonia-Brussels Federation (nearly 40% of graduates in Wallonia-Brussels received their degrees from EPL).

A pioneer of active learning, EPL offers students an education whose quality is recognised and accredited by the French engineering degree commission (CTI) at European level (EUR-ACE). Building on the strength of this position, the faculty is very active in terms of international mobility.

Several businesses support EPL in this approach by sponsoring chairs: the International Lhoist Berghmans Innovation Chair, NRB and IBA. This support enables our students to study at some of the world's most prestigious universities (see the MIT and Yale programmes) and high-level international students to study for a master's degree at EPL (see scholarships for studying at EPL). To reinforce this momentum, all the master's degrees are now delivered in English.