Admission to EPL

For the bachelor's degree

Admission to the bachelor's degree in civil engineering depends on passing an entrance examination.

For the master's degree

Applications for a master's at the Louvain School of Engineering depend on specific admissions criteria. All admissions requests are handled by the UCLouvain enrolment office. The contact address for specific questions is

The Wallonia-Brussels Federation manages the transition for graduates or postgraduates from colleges to university master's degrees, which may involve an additional module to supplement the standard course programme enabling students to acquire the knowledge required to succeed in their chosen master's.

To encourage high-level students from all over the world to come and study at the Université catholique de Louvain (UCLouvain) for a master's degree in engineering sciences, the university offers a student excellence grant, the International Lhoist Berghmans Master Scholarship.

Within the Louvain School of Engineering, civil engineering master's degrees are accessible to holders of industrial engineering master's degrees. The course programme will be individually adapted based on the courses already taken and on the chosen master's.

Master's degrees in computer science are accessible to college computer science graduates.

  • bachelor's degree in computer and management science
  • bachelor's degree in computer and systems science – information technology specialism
  • bachelor's degree in computer and systems science – networks and telecommunications specialism
  • bachelor's degree in computer and systems science – industrial IT specialism

with an additional module supplementing the course.

These pathways enable knowledge already acquired to be consolidated, extended and completed by taking advantage of the research conducted at the university with the benefit of the university's rigorous conceptual approach.