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What is IngénieuxSud?

IngénieuxSud is a one-year project course that enables students from the science and technology sector to face concrete technical challenges from communities, local associations, companies and NGOs all over the world.

UCLouvain students, local students and the multiple project stakeholders work together to imagine and set up innovative, appropriate, adoptable and sustainable solutions to problems encountered by local beneficiaries. These multidisciplinary, multicultural teams are encouraged to take a systemic approach to the problems encountered, in which technical, socioeconomic and ecological issues are an integral part of the equation.

During the academic year, students make contact with their counterparts and collaborators in the global South, meet scientists and industrial professionals working on their problem, seek funding and carry out a one-month placement with their collaborators to realise and finalise the solutions developed throughout the year's thought process.

Example projects…

Partners come from many regions of the world, from Latin America to Asia via Africa. The projects address varied fields in the science and technology sector such as agriculture, food, energy, communications and construction. For example, students engage in improving cultivation techniques in the Andes, sanitation in Rwanda and energy self-sufficiency in Indian villages… and much more!

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