The PhD in Philosophy comprises of the writing of a personal and original thesis which takes into account current debates in the field of international philosophy.

At l’Institut supérieur de philosophie, various philosophical methods are employed: analytic philosophy, critical philosophy, phenomenology, etc. and all philosophical disciplines are practiced: history of philosophy (from antiquity to the contemporary period), theoretical philosophy (epistemology, metaphysiology, ontology) et practical (moral, political, applied ethics (economic, social, bioethics, biomedical ethics)), philosophy of sciences, arts, etc. It is possible to write a thesis in any of these fields of investigation.

During the preparation of the thesis, the doctoral student will complete doctoral training that will introduce them to specialized discussions in their field of research (such as participation in international conferences, specialized seminars, research trips to partner universities, publication of articles in specialized reviews, etc.). The research institutes will provide a favourable environment for interdisciplinary and specialty collaborations, and provide both formal and informal contacts with many researchers, both novice and experienced, in numerous countries.