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KVCV - Invitation online lecture

KVCV, the Royal Flemish Chemical Society, kindly invites you to our next online lecture: 2020 Incentive Awardee Lecture The Rising of Metal-Oxo Cluster Based Catalysts for the Formation of Amide Bonds by dr. Francisco de Azambuja (KU Leuven, Belgium) Abstract...
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Science ADVANCES Publication

  Amorphization mechanism of SrIrO3 electrocatalyst: How oxygen redox initiates ionic diffusion and structural reorganization Authors : Gang Wan, John W. Freeland, Jan Kloppenburg, Guido Petretto, Jocienne N. Nelson, Ding-Yuan Kuo, Cheng-Jun Sun, Jianguo Wen, J. Trey Diulus, Gregory...
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Prof. Alexandru VLAD

A new class of organic battery materials - Nature...

Our modern society has witnessed an unprecedented improvement with the rise of consumer electronics and electric vehicles. But this comes at the price of an unprecedented demand of energy, especially electrical energy, which is expected to be more amplified with the emergence of innovative...
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Prof. L. Piraux

Funny superconductivity : the magnetic levitation train

Vidéo didactique réalisée par l'équipe du Prof. L. Piraux qui montre une facette amusante des supraconducteurs.  Amusante supraconductivité : le train à lévitation magnétique ********************** Didactic video realized by the team of Prof. L....
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Docteur Honoris Causa 2020 - Sciences et technologies

Docteur Honoris Causa 2020 - Sciences et technologies « Développement durable et technologies – quelles trajectoires ? » Le 16 octobre dernier, le secteur des sciences et technologies (SST) de l'UCLouvain honorait 4 personnalités : Isabel Arends (Utrecht University), Tim Benton...
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