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2nd Carbon Dioxide Conversion Catalysis Virtual Conference

8-9 November 2021   The forthcoming 2nd Carbon Dioxide Conversion Catalysis Virtual Conference taking place from 08-09 November 2021. Organised by Fusion Online, a Cambridge, UK based family-run organisation. Whilst we wait for the impacts of COVID to settle, Arjan Kleij (CIQ) and...
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Prof. B. Hackens

The Achilles tendon of graphene quantum Hall effect

The team of B. Hackens in the NAPS/IMCN laboratory at UCLouvain, in collaboration with the group of C. Stampfer in RWTH Aachen, revealed a new detailed microscopic picture of the “quantum Hall effect” in graphene. This breakthrough was made possible thanks to experimental data obtained by...
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ESA - Nouvelle mission vers Vénus

Après le succès de la mission Venus Express (2005-2014), l'Europe va lancer une nouvelle sonde, EnVision à destination de la planète Vénus, a annoncé jeudi l'Agence spatiale européenne (ESA). Vénus recèle encore une série de secrets, dont le plus important est de savoir pourquoi,...
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2020 Best IMCN Thesis Award

Tristan da Câmara Santa Clara Gomes has received the 2021 IMCN Best Thesis Award on 21 May 2021. His work was entitled "3D interconnected magnetic nanowire networks" This Prize, which is granted yearly by the IMCN Institute, rewards the most outstanding PhD work among those who graduated...
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IS2M annual meetings - 26-28 May 2021

This year, the IS2M annual meeting will focus on Adsorption in Porous Solids. According to the uncertain situation, the event goes virtual on half days (mornings). During these three half days, researchers will present their latest findings in this field. This conference aims at providing a...
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