Research axes

Learning and education through media 

"Education through media" points to the educational processes and activities supporting learning with media objects ... Within this axis, we distinguish two complementary orientations in our research:

  • the interaction between a learner and a media object, during which a learning process takes place;
  • the interaction between a mediator (teacher, trainer, tutor, educational media designer, ... or the learner themselves) and a media object.

User experience (UX)  

The notion of "context of use" refers to the quadruplet {users, tasks, platforms, environments} and designates a population of users who perform tasks by interacting with platforms in environments to achieve goals.

Media literacy and media education

In the context of projects focusing on media literacy, we study the media practices of individuals and the competences they develop and actualize as part of these practices. Media education refers to the set of educational processes and activities that support the development of individuals' media literacy.