Close partners


The MiiL develops various projects with privileged research partners, which are:

  • The Cental: a technological platform associated with UCLouvain’s Institute for Language and Communication involved in both research and teaching activities. Their team also collaborates on projects from several research centres at UCLouvain and various industrial partners by offering its experience in natural language processing (NLP).
  • The SMCS: a technological platform which offers consulting services in the domain of data analysis. More specifically, it focuses on statistical analysis, whether they are descriptive or inferential. It also offers training services for individuals or groups.
  • The St Luc University Clinics: our partners at St Luc are part of the Institute Of NeuroSciences (IONS) and of the Institute of Health and Society (IRSS).
  • The Lapsco (Clermont Ferrand, France): a Laboratory of Social and Cognitive Psychology. It is well known worldwide for its works on social behaviors and collective dynamics.
  • The Observatory of Socio-Digital Practices (OPSN): a collaborative and sharing platform that contributes to the visibility and structuring of digital research, particularly in the context of “real-time research” activities. It is supported by LERASS, involved in three supervisory authorities (Paul Sabatier University, Toulouse Jean-Jaurès University, Paul-Valéry Montpellier 3 University). The activities of the OPSN are organized around 4 axes: organization of research residencies, production of research reports in real time, expert mission for private or public partners, organization of an international network of doctoral students.
  • La Niche: a digital agency located in Namur (Belgium), specialized in the collaborative design of relevant solutions. Through auditing and workshops, their team helps projects define the perfect roadmap for digital strategy, and helps create a project that meets real needs.
  • Datatext: a consulting company with a deep expertise in Data Science and Natural Language Processing. Its core business is to help companies leverage in-house or external unstructured data using advanced techniques of artificial intelligence.
  • The Social Media Lab: a UCLouvain laboratory dedicated to socio-digital media in the professional world. It brings together researchers from several disciplines with an interest in the appropriation of socio-digital media. Its research has a theoretical, practical and technological scope: interactions and practices analysis makes it possible to identify new needs, new tools and to support their implementation by end-users.