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Open positions at the MiiL

Project design and European networking around immersive and interactive experiences

Fixed-term contract (full-time or part-time, as preferred)


As part of Wallonia’s Strategic Innovation Areas, the HITT (Human Interaction Technology Transfer) project aims to bring together the key players in research and innovation centered on immersive and interactive experiences (AR, VR, MR, XR, Metaverse, etc.) and to generate a leverage effect by systematizing and accelerating the transfer of these technologies to directly connected sectors (immersive training for the industrial sectors, prototyping of products and services using immersive experiences, etc.)

Immersive and interactive experiences, like other Web 3.0 technologies, are at the heart of the EU's digital strategy. Several European programs, such as Horizon Europe and Digital Europe, encourage research, innovation, and the deployment of immersive experience solutions.

Job description

As part of this project, the MiiL (Media Innovation and Intelligibility Lab) of UCLouvain is recruiting an international IIS HITT referent. This person will be the point of contact between IIS HITT, NCP Wallonia and the European authorities. He or she will help to boost the visibility and attractiveness of the IIS HITT at the European level. He or she will encourage the creation of strong, competitive consortia to respond to European calls for projects.

The job involves networking and drafting European projects in the areas of work of the IIS HITT. In particular, it includes:

  • an analysis of the needs of regional European projects set-up stakeholders. The development of an international (network) and European positioning strategy for the IIS, in dialogue with the regional authorities and specialized actors (NCP Wallonia). The communication with Walloon actors about existing and future funding opportunities, in collaboration with NCP Wallonia.
  • international representation. The participation in European networks or expert groups, in networking, brokerage, and matchmaking events, etc. on behalf of the IIS. In this context: bringing up the needs of Walloon players in European work programs, so that calls for projects are aligned with Walloon priorities.

Researched profile

- Master's degree or PhD (all disciplines)

- At least 5 years' experience in project writing / European networking

- Understands the world of business and research

- Written English C1 min

- Ability to implement Key Success Factors (KPIs)

- Organized and structured work, project management skills

- Interpersonal skills: teamwork, making contacts, networking, project management, etc.

- Existing network is an asset

- Specific skills or expertise in immersive technologies is an asset

Job advantages

- Scientific employee or independent status (as preferred)

- Salary scale according to experience and diploma

- A stimulating work environment in a multidisciplinary team of scientists, developers and companies dedicated to immersive and interactive experiences (the MiiL and the entire IIS HITT project ecosystem)

- A rewarding experience with major players in the field at regional, federal, and European level

- An inclusive working environment that respects the diversity of genders, ages, cultural backgrounds, nationalities, and disabilities.


To apply, send your CV and covering letter to