MiiL Scholar

MiiL Scholar is in charge of the platform’s research.

The projects are imagined, carried out and supported entirely @MiiL Scholar. Research projects are intimately linked to social networks analysis, media education, (new) media communication and the evolution of media business models.

The very nature of MiiL Scholar is transdisciplinarity. MiiL Scholar brings together cutting-edge research and the specific expectations of society, businesses and organizations. Research is carried out by university professors, qualified researchers and experts in each field.

MiiL Scholar plans with its partners the methods of financing (orders, mobilization of research funds, mixed programs, etc.) and the organization of projects.

Registered at the university, the platform is also active in the educational field, through internship and thesis supervision. The MiiL supports the creation of educational devices with its communication expertise and integrates student dissertations into the research programs it develops with companies, media and organizations. These project briefs can also give rise to post-graduation internships in companies.

At the present moment, MiiL Scholar holds 4 main projects: Opinio, Smart'Web, Climate change, the elderly and, due to the recent situation, a package of analyses linked to Covid-19.

MiiL Scholar is led by Dr Louise-Amélie Cougnon, who (co-)supervises a team of 8 researchers: