The Seniors4Climate project aims to strengthen the climate commitment of people over 65. In particular, the project aims to develop two kinds of information tools: interactive popularisation videos, to simplify the concepts of scientific discourse, and immersive videos, which will get to the heart of climate stories by presenting not scary or catastrophic situations, but rather the stories of citizens. The videos will be produced in collaboration with a network of field actors linked to the issue and the MiiL, a technical platform, which will provide equipment and technical expertise.

The social partners of the project are

  •     the citizen movement OptOut4Climate,
  •     the non-profit organisation Énéo,
  •     Grandparents for the Climate and
  •     Grootouders voor het Klimaat

This ongoing project is financed by the King Baudouin Foundation and started in April 2021.

Daily Researchers :

  • Marie Serisier
  • Marie Morsomme

Project investigator :

  •     Louise-Amélie Cougnon

Committee :

  •     Andrea Catellani
  •     Olivier De Schutter
  •     Grégoire Lits
  •     Damien Renard
  •     Jean-Pascal van Yypersele