Equipment & Services


MOST is able to provide various services to the other structures of the University and to the external community. 

Technical expertises 


Type of instrument and/or analysis possibilities

Contact person

X-ray diffraction, under high and low temperatures and high gas pressures,
single crystal and powder
MAR345 with MoKα radiation or a a synchrotron source, sapphire cell Yaroslav Filinchuk
TGA/DSC-MS under inert conditions (instrument in Ar glovebox) Netzsch F3 in an argon glovebox Yaroslav Filinchuk
Volumetric instrument for gas adsorption up to high pressures PCT, Sieverts - Hiden IMI up to 200 bar, 77-773K Yaroslav Filinchuk
Infrared spectrometry under inert conditions
(instrument in Ar glovebox)
Bruker Alfa IR-ATR heatable (120°C) diamond cell (reflection), transmission cell, all in argon glovebox Yaroslav Filinchuk
Upscale automated reactor devices Reactor-Ready Automated batch upscaling François Billard
Polar Bear Temperature controlled reactor device François Billard
Crystal 16 Automated solubility curve determination François Billard
Mettler Easy Max Automated controlled reactor device François Billard
ReactIR Online in situ IR tool for reaction/crystallization monitoring François Billard
Monopuit Inverted temperature controlled microscope (solution analysis) François Billard
MM400/ITC500 Mixer Mills François Billard
Ultrasound probe To create ultrasounds in a reduced reactional medium François Billard
DSC2500 TA DSC device with T0 Pascal Van Velthem
Q5000 TA Automated batch upscaling Pascal Van Velthem
Powder XRD Bragg Brentano standard measurements.  In situ measurements with controlled atmosphere and temperature François Devred
Temperature programmed desorption, oxidation, reduction for powders Possibility of evaluation of acid sites (NH3 desorption)
or basic sites (CO2 desorption)
François Devred
N2 Physisorption BET surface, pore size distribution, pore volume François Devred
Infrared Spectroscopy (powders) Routine measurements in ATR mode.  DRIFT mode for controlled atmospheres and temperatures.  Possibility of quantification of Lewis acid sites and Bronsted acid sites by pyridine adsorption. François Devred
Co chemisorption (pulsed) Metal dispersion on a support François Devred
Microwave synthesis Rate acceleration of a reaction under micro-wave heating Raphaël Robiette
Lyophilizer Lyophilizer (freeze-drying) equipment which allows to dry compounds in aqueous solution Raphaël Robiette
Melting point Measure the melting point of a solid Raphaël Robiette
Polarimeter Measure the specific optical rotation of a chiral compound in solution Laurent Collard
Potentiostat Autolab PGSTAT302N Electrochemical measurements Michaël Singleton
Potentiostat DF1730SB3A Electrochemical measurements Michaël Singleton
Potentiostat Thurlby-Thandar PL320QMT, 32V-2A Electrochemical measurements Michaël Singleton
Ozonolyseur LAB 2B(Ozonya) Allows the production of ozone for synthesis Michaël Singleton
Glove Box Work under inert atmosphere François Billard
Multi-channel reactor + IR evaporator Automated controlled multi-channel reactor device
with IR evaporation
François Billard
Cryostat Low Temperature controlled reactor François Billard
UV-Visible Spectroscopy UV-visible irradiation and spectroanalysis in solution at room temperature and in a frozen matrix Benjamin Elias
Spectrofluorimetry Steady-state fluorescence at room and low temperature Benjamin Elias
Oligonucleide Synthesis Automated ODN synthesis on solid support and purification Benjamin Elias
Dark room Synthesis and handling of photosensitive compounds Benjamin Elias
TGA-MS Mettler-Toledo TGA/DSC 3+ with sample robot, online with ThermoStar de PFEIFFER Vaccuum Mass Spectrometer Sophie Hermans
Textural and Chemisorption analyses

ASAP 2020 Surface Arera and Porosity Analyser from Micromeritics

Sophie Hermans
FT-RAMAN (1064 nm wavelength) from BRUKER Sophie Hermans
Inorganic/organometallic synthesis Including under inert atmosphere (Schlenk lines, glovebox); ovens; automatic titration devices with thermostatized reactors; carbonylation autoclave Sophie Hermans


The electromechanic workshop

The electromechanic workshop is open to all customers and provides customized services.

Management:       Prof Benoit Hackens    + 32 10 47 32 54
Contact person:  Mr Axel Willems         +32  10 47 29 25  

The glass-blowing workshop

The glass-blowing workshop is open to all customers and provides customized services. 
Contact person:   Mr Michaël Jonckman  +32 10 47 32 14 

The Lavoisier store

The Lavoisier store is open to all customers and provides bio-chemical and chemical products. 

Management:       Prof R. Robiette            +32 10 47 91 76
Contact persons:  Mr Pascal Colson         +32 10 47 45 48
                             Mrs Jessica Venicx       +32 10 47 28 34