Welcome to the Kronos Group Chair in Sourcing and Procurement at UCL!

The Kronos Group Chair "Strategic Sourcing and Procurement" is the fruit of a collaboration between Kronos Group and Louvain School of Management of the Université catholique de Louvain. The objective of the Chair is to promote research and education in the sourcing and procurement domain, contributing to fostering the profession to continue its transformation into a value creating and strategic profession. The Chair is unique for Belgium and also launching a unique Master’s level specialization in sourcing and procurement in Belgium, integrated in Louvain School of Management. Research in the Chair aims at empirical, economic and strategic studies of procurement under transformation, in particular the innovative, ethical and environmental dimensions of the area.

We hope you get excited in joining the Chair‘s activities and advancing the sourcing and procurement profession and body of knowledge! We are looking forward to your participation.


All work pursued at the chair is on generating new knowledge. Therefore the chair tries to cover each of the three steps of the knowledge cycle equally, Innovation, Education and Implementation.

Our Knowledge Circle

To achieve synergies and impact the work of the chair is based on the following three main activity pillars. Important for the success is the interconnection of these fields. E.g. students will benefits from training methods and contents also used in executive education and practitioners will benefit from the integration of newest research findings in teaching etc.

The Knowledge Circle