CORE's activities integrate fundamental and applied research. They are oriented towards:

  • Theoretical and methodological research that aims at providing frameworks for the analysis of a wide range of decision problems arising out of economic policy and management of private and public enterprises
  • The development of Methods of Optimisation and Statistical Inference leading to the solution of decision problems, once the appropriate framework of analysis has been provided
  • The development of Computational tools (algorithms and computer programs), whereby the above methods are made operational for use in empirical studies.



Following upon the work at the Cowles commission in the late forties on simultaneous equations systems...
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While general equilibrium and game theory were the dominating themes when CORE was founded, current research is mostly...
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Research in quantitative and economic geography at CORE is focused in the areas of human and economic geography...
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Operations Research

Research in Operations Research at CORE is concentrated in the areas of optimization (mathematical programming) and...
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Supply Chain

The Supply Chain group gathers a critical mass of faculty, researchers and experts in the field of Supply Chain Management...
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