Scientific publications are the main outlet for research work in the directions pursued at CORE.
CORE currently issues two scientific paper series:

CORE Reprints

CORE Reprints Series

The CORE Reprints Series regroups all published papers written by its members and visitors.

The recent publications are presented by disciplines and topics.

Older publications can be found in the archives.

CORE Discussion Papers

CORE Discussion Papers Series

How to submit a CORE Discussion Paper

CORE publishes a Discussion Paper series to which each member is invited to submit papers written during your stay at CORE. Articles undergo an internal refereeing process under the responsibility of the Research Director. Papers are submitted via are welcome to suggest the name of a referee. The refereeing process is mostly informal and hopefully consists in an open discussion between the author and the referee. Final decisions are made by the Research Director on recommendation of the referee. When your paper is accepted you can send a .pdf file of the final version to

The recent publications are  presented by discipline and topics. Older publications can be found in the archives.

Golden rules for a good scientific signature of your publication

  • Correct affiliation for CORE member: LIDAM/CORE, UCLouvain, Voie du Roman Pays 34, 1348 Louvain-Neuve, Belgium
  • Correct affiliation for non-UCL but CORE member : University1, Department1, B-xxx, Town, Country; University2, Department 2, F-xxx, Town, France; etc...
    Do not forget to mention your affiliation to CORE.

Before or even after you leave CORE, let us know whether your papers are accepted for publication in a journal. Our policy  is to accept in our reprint series all papers written by members or visitors during their stay at CORE.