Testimony by Massimo Morelli



Unfortunately yesterday I had fever 40 plus and was knoched out completely and had to miss the memorial meeting, I am very sorry.The great heart of Jaques was very inspirational for me. I met him in 1997, when I spent one year at CORE as postdoc. Being blind I had limited capacity to move around the town freely, and Jaques invited me many times for lunch, explaining me many things about the town and the history of LLN, making me feel home much more. Most important, he offered to bring me regularly to the swimming pool, which I gladly accepted. In spite of the fact that he was 36 years older than me, he was always doing at least a couple laps more than me! After our swimming sessions we would also talk shop, I was describing to him my most adventurous ideas, and he gave me many suggestions and directions, which turned out to be very useful for the subsequent success of those projects. These are of course small things wrt the great other things he did academically and not, but had I been there yesterday I would have wanted to lighten this additional small candel.

Massimo Morelli