Testimony by Yossi Greenberg



For me Jacques was the personification of academia at its best: a great scholar and a great human being, balancing the two even when it may not be easy to do so. It is primarily because of this that I feel extremely fortunate to have known Jacques almost immediately after I completed my Ph.D. I recall my admiration when we met one day to work on a joint paper, when he received a letter from JET. He opened it and said to me: “I have just received a rejection of a paper, co-authored with Franco Modigliani. It is unpleasant, but as you see, I can go on eating my sandwich.” This attitude was in such a stark contrast to my experience the year before at Northwestern. My year at CORE is one of my best years. A lot is due to Jacques, but a lot is also due to the members of CORE at the time.

Yossi Greenberg