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N°33  Michel DE VROEY
Bibliometric versus Inside-Knowledge History?
An Assessment of Claveau and Gingras’s “Macrodynamics of Economics: A Bibliometric History”

N°32  Michel DE VROEY
A Review of James Forder, Macroeconomics and the Phillips Curve Myth, Oxford University Press, 2014

Treatment-Effect Identification Without Parallel Paths:
An illustration in the case of Objective 1 - Hainaut/Belgium, 1994 - 2006

The Productivity Challenge: What to expect from better-quality labour and capital inputs?

N°29  Thu Hien DAO, Frédéric DOCQUIER, Chris PARSONS and Giovanni PERI
Migration and Development: Dissecting the Anatomy of the Mobility Transition

N°28  Frédéric DOCQUIER, Riccardo TURATI, Jérôme VALETTE and Chrysovalantis VASILAKIS
Multiculturalism and Growth: Skill-Specific Evidence from the Post-World War II Period

N°27  Florian MAYNERIS, Sandra PONCET and Tao ZHANG
Improving or Disappearing: Firm-Level Adjustments to Minimum Wages in China

N°26  Michel DE VROEY and Luca PENSIEROSO
The Rise of a Mainstream in Economics

N°25   Dylan GLOVER, Amanda PALLAIS and William PARIENTE
Discrimination as a Self-Fulfilling Prophecy: Evidence from French Grocery Stores

N°24    Fabio MARIANI, Marion MERCIER and Thierry VERDIER
Diasporas and Conflict

N°23   Bastien CHABE-FERRET
Adherence to Cultural Norms and Economic Incentives: Evidence from Fertility Timing Decisions

N°22   Anna BATYRA, David de la CROIX, Olivier PIERRARD and Henri SNEESSENS
Structural changes in the labor market and the rise of early retirement in Europe

N°21    Robert STELTER
Fertility and health insurance types in Germany

N°20   Thomas BAUDIN and Robert STELTER
Rural exodus and fertility at the time of industrialization

N°19     Bart COCKX and Eva VAN BELLE
Waiting Longer Before Claiming and Activating Youth. No Point?

N°18    Hamzeh ARABZADEH
Foreign Aid, Public Investment and Capital Market Liberalization

N°17    Hamzeh ARABZADEH
The political economy of twin deficits and wage setting centralization

N°16    Bastien CHABÉ-FERRET, Joël MACHADO and Jackline WAHBA
Return Plans and Migrants' Behavior

N°15    Glenn RAYP, Ilse RUYSSEN and Samuel STANDAERT
Measuring and Explaining Cross-Country Immigration Policies

N°14    Sandra BRÉE and David de la CROIX
Key Forces Behind the Decline of Fertility: Lessons from Childlessness in Rouen before the Industrial Revolution

N°13    Samuel DANTHINE and Michel DE VROEY
The Integration of Search in Macroeconomics: Interviews with David Andolfatto, Peter Diamond and Monika Merz

N°12    Samuel DANTHINE and Michel DE VROEY
The Integration of Search in Macroeconomics: Two Alternative Paths

N°11   Giorgio FABBRI and Francesco RUSSO
Infinite dimensional weak Dirichlet processes and convolution type processes

N°10   Lucia GRANELLI
Tax Policy in a Model with Endogenous Fertility à la Barro-Becker

N°9    David de la CROIX, Mathias DOEPKE and Joel MOKYR
Clans, Guilds and Markets: Apprenticeship Institutions and Growth in the Pre-Industrial Economy

N°8    Marc GERMAIN
Un modèle de décroissance optimale

N°7   David de la CROIX and Faustine PERRIN
French Fertility and Education Transition: Rational Choice vs. Cultural Diffusion

Unemployment Insurance with Limited Commitment Wage Contracts and Savings

N°5   Hafedh BOUAKEZ, Rigas OIKONOMOU and Romanos PRIFTIS
Optimal Debt Management in a Liquidity Trap

Inheritance Systems and the Dynamics of State Capacity in Medieval Europe

N°3   David de la CROIX and Paula E. GOBBI
Population Density, Fertility and Demographic Convergence in Developing Countries

N°2    Anaïs PERILLEUX and Marthe NYSSENS
Understanding Cooperative Finance as a New Common

Are financial cooperatives crowded out by commercial banks in the process of financial sector development?


N°24     Andrea ALBANESE, Bart COCKX and Yannick THUY
Working Time Reductions at the End of the Career.
Do they Prolong the Time Spent in Employment

N°23    Stijn BAERT, Bart COCKX and Matteo PICCHIO
Modeling the Effects of Grade Retention in High School

N°22    Stijn BAERT and Bart COCKX
Contracting Out Mandatory Counselling and Training for Long-Term Unemployed.
Private For-Profit or Non-Profit, or Keep it Public?

N°21     David de la CROIX et Thomas BAUDIN
La croissance économique

N°20      Paula E. GOBBI, Juliane PARYS and Gregor SCHWERHOFF
Intra-Household Allocation of Parental Leave

N°19     Danny McGOWAN and Chrysovalantis VASILAKIS
Reap What You Sow: Agricultural Productivity, Structural Change and Urbanization

N°18      Klaus WÄLDE
Stress and Coping - An economic Approach

N°17    Claire DUJARDIN, Virginie LOUIS et Florian MAYNERIS
Les pôles de compétitivité wallons
Quel impact sur les performances économiques des entreprises ?
The Walloon competitiveness clusters and their impact on firms’ economic performances?

Workforce location and equilibrium unemployment in a duocentric economy with matching frictions

Is Workforce Diversity Good for Efficiency?
An Approach Based on the Degree of Concavity of the Technology

 N°14    Carmen CAMACHO, Fabio MARIANI and Luca PENSIEROSO
 Illegal Immigration and the Shadow Economy

N°13   Muriel DEJEMEPPE, Catherine SMITH and Bruno VAN DER LINDEN
Did the Intergenerational Solidarity Pact increase the employment rate of older workers in Belgium?
A macro-econometric evaluation

N°12   David de la CROIX
Did Longer Lives Buy Economic Growth?
From Malthus to Lucas and Ben-Porath 

N°11   Frédéric GASPART and Pierre PECHER
Ethnic inclusiveness of the central state government and economic growth in sub-Saharan Africa          

N°10    Hippolyte d'ALBIS, Paula GOBBI and Angela GREULICH
Access to Childcare and Second Child Arrival in European Countries

N°9   Robert STELTER
Over-aging - Are present human populations too old?

N°8    Corinna GHIRELLI
Scars of early non-employment in a rigid labour market

N°7   Pablo AGUILAR and Jesús VAZQUEZ
The role of term structure in an estimated DSGE model with learning

N°6    Andrea ALBANESE and Bart COCKX
Permanent Wage Cost Subsidies for Older Workers. An Effective Tool for Increasing Working Time and
Postponning Early Retirement?

N°5   Bart COCKX and Corinna GHIRELLI
Scars of Recessions in a Rigid Labor Market

N°4    Francesco DI COMITE, Antonella NOCCO and Gianluca OREFICE
Tariff reductions, trade patterns and the wage gap

N°3    Thomas BAUDIN, David de la CROIX and Paula GOBBI
Development Policies when Accounting for the Extensive Margin of Fertility

N°2   David de la CROIX and Clara DELAVALLADE
Religions, Fertility and Growth in South-East Asia

N°1  Géraldine THIRY et Philippe ROMAN
L'indice de richesse inclusive : l'économie Mainstream au-delà de ses limites, mais en deçà de la soutenabilité ?


N°22   Michał BURZYŃSKI
Trading Goods or Human Capital
The Winners and Losers of Economic Integration

N°21   Marianna BATTAGLIA and Lara LEBEDINSKI
Equal Access to Education: An Evaluation of the Roma Teaching Assistant Programme in Serbia

N°20   Frédéric DOCQUIER and Joël MACHADO
Global competition for attracting talents and the world economy

N°19   David de la CROIX
Economic Growth

N°18   Anaïs PERILLEUX and Ariane SZAFARZ
Female Managers in Hybrid Organizations: Evidence from Financial Cooperatives in Senegal

N°17  Andrea ARIU and Vincent VANDENBERGHE
Assessing the role fo ageing, feminising and better-educated workforces on TFP growth 

N°16   Marc GERMAIN and Dominique PEETERS
Un modèle de mobilité résidentielle avec taxe foncière

N°15   Florian MAYNERIS, Sandra PONCET and Tao ZHANG
The cleansing effect of minimum wages
Minimum wages, firm dynamics and aggregate productivity in China

N°14   Giorgio FABBRI
Ecological Barriers and Convergence: a Note on Geometry in Spatial Growth Models

N°13   Samuel DANTHINE and Michel DE VROEY
Integrating search in macroeconomics: the defining years

N°12   Bruno CREPON, Florencia DEVOTO, Esther DUFLO and William PARIENTE
Estimating the impact of microcredit on those who take it up: Evidence from a randomized experiment in Morocco

N°11   Giorgio FABBRI, Silvia FAGGIAN and Giuseppe FRENI
On the Mitra-Wan Forest Management Problem in Continuous Time

N°10   Marcel GERARD and Silke UEBELMESSER
Financing Higher Education when Students and Graduates are Internationally Mobile

N°9    Catherine SMITH
Did the Intergenerational Solidarity Pact increase the employment rate of the elderly in Belgium?
A macro-econometric evaluation

N°8    Pierre PECHER
Ethnic conflict, power dynamics and growth

N°7    Alexandre SIMONS
Delocation, home wages and welfare

N°6    Michel DE VROEY
Backhouse and Boianovsky on "disequilibrium theory". A review article of Transforming modern macroeconomics.
Exploring Disequilibrium microfoundations, 1956-2003

N°5    Vincent BODART and Jean-François CARPANTIER
Real Exchange Rates and Skills

N°4    Hubert JAYET, Glenn RAYP, Ilse RUYSSEN and Nadiya UKRAYINCHUK
Immigrants' location choice in Belgium

N°3    Hélène LATZER and Alexandre SIMONS
Income distribution, multi-quality firms and patterns of trade

N°2    Isabelle CASSIERS and Géraldine THIRY
A High-Stakes Shift: Turning the Tide From GDP to New Prosperity Indicators

N°1    Chrysovalantis VASILAKIS
Globalized Market for Talents and Inequality: What Can be Learnt from European Football?


N°35   Amandine AUBRY and Michal BURZYŃSKI
The Welfare Impact of Global Migration in the OECD Countries

N°34   Frédéric DOCQUIER, Tobias MÜLLER and Joaquín NAVAL
Informality and long-run growth

Inefficient equilibrium unemployment in a duocentric economy with matching frictions

N°32   Morgane LAOUENAN
"Hate at First Sight": Evidence of Consumer Discrimination Against African-Americans in the US

N°31   David de la CROIX, Frédéric DOCQUIER and Maurice SCHIFF
Brain Drain and Economic Performance in Small Island Developing States

N°30   Frédéric DOCQUIER
Identifying the effect of institutions on economic growth

N°29   Marco DELOGU, Frédéric DOCQUIER and Joël MACHADO
The dynamic implications of liberalizing global migration

N°28   Raouf BOUCEKKINE,  Blanca MARTINEZ and José Ramon RUIZ-TAMARIT
Optimal sustainable policies under pollution ceiling: the demographic side

N°27   Julien MARTIN and Florian MAYNERIS
High-End Variety Exporters Defying Distance: Micro Facts and Macroeconomic Implications

N°26   Philippe MARTIN, Thierry MAYER and Florian MAYNERIS
Are clusters more resilient in crises? Evidence from French exporters in 2008-2009

N°25   Florian MAYNERIS and Loriane PY
The efficiency of enterprise zone programs. Some conflicting ressults?

N°24   Vanessa LUTGEN and Bruno VAN DER LINDEN
Regional Equilibrium Unemployment Theory at the Age of the Internet

N°23   Laura ROVEGNO
Endogenous trade restrictions and exporters' pricing behaviour

N°22   Michel DE VROEY
What can civil society expect from academic macroeconomics?

N°21   Jean-François FAGNART, Marc GERMAIN et Alphonse MAGNUS
Soutenabilité forte, rente et partage de la valeur ajoutée

Voluntary Pooled Public Knowledge Goods and Coalition Formation

N°19   Paula GOBBI
Childcare and Commitment within Households

N°18   Etienne LEHMANN, Claudio LUCIFORA, Simone MORICONI and Bruno VAN DER LINDEN
Beyond the Labour Income Tax Wedge: The Unemployment-Reducing Effect of Tax Progressivity

Assessing education's contribution to productivity using firm-level evidence

N°16   Pierre-Philippe COMBES, Bruno DECREUSE, Morgane LAOUENAN and Alain TRANNOY
Customer Discrimination and Employment Outcomes: Theory and Evidence from the French Labor Market

N°15   Andrea ARIU
Services versus Goods Trade: Are They the Same?

N°14   Georges BASTIN and Isabelle CASSIERS
Modelling the balanced transition to a sustainable economy

N°13   Erica R. PEREGO and Wessel N. VERMEULEN
Macroeconomic determinants of European stock and government bond correlations: A tale of two regions

N°12   Bastien CHABE-FERRET
The Importance of Fertility Norms: New Evidence from France

N°11   Bastien CHABE-FERRET
Socioeconomic Characteristics, Fertility Norms and the Black-White Fertility Gap in the US

N°10   Andre ARIU and Pasquamaria SQUICCIARINI
The Balance of Brains: Corruption and High Skilled Migration

N°9     Olivia D'AOUST, Olivier STERCK and Philip VERWIMP
Buying Peace: The Mirage of Demobilizing Rebels

N°8     Guzmán OURENS
Can the Method of Reflections help predict future growth?

N°7     Marcel GERARD and Lucia GRANELLI
From the EU Savings Directive to the US FATCA, Taxing Cross Border Savings Income

N°6     Bart COCKX, Corrina GHIRELLI and Bruno VAN DER LINDEN
Monitoring Job Search Effort with Hyperbolic Time Preferences and Non-Compliance: A Welfare Analysis

N°5     Stijn BAERT and Bart COCKX
Pure Ethnic Gaps in Educational Attainment and School to Work Transitions. When Do They Arise?

N°4     Hélène LATZER
Beyond the Arrow effect: income distribution and multi-quality firms in a Schumpeterian framework

N°3     Youyou BAENDE BOFOTA
The impact of social capital on children educational outcomes: The case of Tanzania

N°2     Olivier CARDI and Romain RESTOUT
Imperfect Mobility of Labor across Sectors: a Reappraisal of the Balassa-Samuelson Effect

N°1     Stijn BAERT, Bart COCKX, Niels GHEYLE and Cora VANDAMME
Do Employers Discriminate Less if Vacancies Are Difficult to Fill? Evidence From a Field Experiment


N°27    Juana AZNAR-MARQUEZ and Jose-Ramon RUIZ-TAMARIT
Sufficient and Necessary Conditions for Non-Catastrophic Growth

N°26     Michel DE VROEY and Pedro GARCIA DUARTE
In Search of Lost Time: the Neoclassical Synthesis

N°25     Hylke VANDENBUSSCHE and Christian VIEGELAHN
Indian Andidumping Measures against China: Evidence from Monthly Trade Data

N°24     Rossana MEROLA
Monetary policy and fiscal stimulus with the zero lower bound and financial frictions

N°23     Frédéric DOCQUIER, Joël MACHADO and Khalid SEKKAT
Efficiency gains from liberalizing labor modility

N°22     Frédéric DOCQUIER, Çağlar ÖZDEN, Christopher PARSONS and Erhan ARTUC
A global Assessment of Human Capital Mobility: the Role of non-OECD Destinations

N°21     Jean-François FAGNART et Marc GERMAIN
Macroéconomie du court terme et politique climatique : quelques leçons d'un modèle d'offre et demande globales

Carry-Along Trade

N°19     Thierry MAYER, Florian MAYNERIS and Lorian PY
The Impact of Urban Enterprise Zones on Establishments' Location Decisions: Evidence from French ZFUs

N°18    Hélène LATZER and Florian MAYNERIS
Income distribution and vertical comparative advantage  
Theory and evidence 

N°17   Giorgio FABBRI and Francesco RUSSO
Infinite dimensional weak Dirichlet processes, stochastic PDEs and optimal control 

Are firms willing to employ a greying and feminizing workforce? 

N°15   Olivier STERCK and Olivia D'AOUST
Who Benefits from Customary Justice? Rent-seeking, Bribery and Criminality in Sub-Saharan Africa 

N°14   Marco PECORARO
The incidence and wage effects of overeducation using the worker's self-assessment of skill utilization 

N°13   Thomas BAUDIN, David de la CROIX and Paula GOBBI
DINKs, DEWKs & Co.
Marriage, Fertility and Childlessness in the United States 

N°12   Stijn BAERT, Bart COCKX and Didier VERHAEST
Overeducation at the start of the career - stepping stone or trap? 

N°11   Mariann RIGO, Vincent VANDENBERGHE and Fabio WALTENBERG
Ageing and Employability.
Evidence from Belgian Firm-Level Data

N°10   Joël MACHADO
On the welfare impacts of an immigration amnesty

N°9    Andrey LAUNOV, Olaf POSCH and Klaus WÄLDE
On the estimation of the volatility-growth link

N°8    Chiara MUSSIDA and Matteo PICCHIO
The Gender Wage Gap by Education in Italy

N°7    Alessia LO TURCO, Daniela MAGGIONI and Matteo PICCHIO
Offshoring and Job Stability: Evidence from Italian Manufacturing

Income Inequality, School Choice and the Endogenous Gentrification of US Cities

N°5    David DE LA CROIX and Fabio MARIANI
From Polygyny to Serial Monogamy: a Unified Theory of Marriage Institutions

N°4    Hippolyte d'ALBIS and David DE LA CROIX
Missing Daughters, Missing Brides ?

N°3    Laurence JACQUET, Etienne LEHMANN and Bruno VAN DER LINDEN
Signing distortions in optimal tax and other adverse selection problems with random participation

N°2    Michel BEINE and Christopher PARSONS
Climatic factors as determinants of International Migration 

N°1    Elisabetta LODIGIANI and Sara SALOMONE
Migration-induced Transfers of Norms. The case of Female Political Empowerment


N°48      Géraldine THIRY
Beyond Gdp: Conceptual Grounds of Quantification. The Case of the Index of Economic Well-Being (IEWB)

N°47      Hylke VANDENBUSSCHE, Francesco DI COMITE, Laura ROVEGNO and Christian VIEGELAHN
Moving up the Quality ladder? EU-China Trade Dynamics in Clothing

N°46      Francesco DI COMITE, Jacques-François THISSE and Hylke VANDENBUSSCHE
Verti-zontal Differentiation in Monopolistic Competition

N°45      Vincent BODART, Bertrand CANDELON and Jean-François CARPANTIER
Real Exchange Rates, Commodity Prices and Structural Factors in Developing Countries

N°44      Florian MAYNERIS
A new perspective on the firm size-growth relationship: Shape of profits, investment and heterogeneous credit constraints

N°43      Florian MAYNERIS and Sandra PONCET
French firms at the conquest of Asian markets: The role of export spillovers

N°42      Bart COCKX, Muriel DEJEMEPPE and Bruno VAN DER LINDE
Monitoring, Sanctions and Front-Loading of Job Search in a Non-Stationary Model

N°41      Florian MAYNERIS and Sandra PONCET
Entry on difficult export markets by Chinese domestic firms: the role of foreign export spillovers

N°40      Luca MARCHIORI, Olivier PIERRARD and Henri R. SNEESSENS
Demography, capitalflows and unemployment

N°39      Raouf BOUCEKKINE, Blanca MARTINEZ and José Ramon RUIZ TAMARIT
Growth vs. level effect of population change on economic development: An inspection into human-capital-related mechanisms

N°38      Frédéric DOCQUIER, Chrysovalantis VASILAKIS and D. TAMFUTU MUNSI
International Migration and the Propagation of HIV in Sub-Saharan Africa

N°37      Matteo PICCHIO
Lagged Duration Dependence in Mixed Proportional Hazard Models

N°36      Marco PECORARO
Estimating the returns to educational mismatch with panel data: the role of unobserved heterogeneity

N°35      Olivier STERCK
Geoengineering as an alternative to mitigation: specification and dynamic implications

N°34      Luca MARCHIORI, Jean-François MAYSTADT and Ingmar SCHUMACHER
The Impact of Weather Anomalies on Migration in sub-Saharan Africa

N°33      Aysegul KAYAOGLU and Ayhan KAYA
Is National Citizenship Withering Away? : Social Affiliations and Labor Market Integration of Turkish Origin Immigrants in Germany and France

N°32      Bart COCKX and Matteo PICCHIO
Scarring Effects of Remaining Unemployed for Long-Term Unemployed School-Leavers

N°31      Chiara MUSSIDA and Matteo PICCHIO
The Trend over Time of the Gender Wage Gap in Italy 

N°30      Chrysovalantis VASILAKIS
Fighting poverty and child malnutrition: on the design of foreign aid policies

N°29      Carmine ORNAGHI and Ilke VAN BEVEREN
Using proxy variables to control for unobservables when estimating productivity: A sensitivity analysis

N°28      Michel DE VROEY and Pierre MALGRANGE
The History of Macroeconomics from Keynes’s General Theory to the Present

N°27      Anne BUCHER
Youth Labor Market Outcomes: A Model with Learning on Match Quality

N°26      Michèle BELOT and Vincent VANDENBERGHE
Evaluating the “Threat” Effects of Grade Repetition. Exploiting the 2001 Reform by the French-Speaking Community of Belgium

N°25      Tim BUYSE, Freddy HEYLEN and Renaat VAN DE KERCKHOVE
Pension reform, employment by age and long-run growth

N°24      Olivier STERCK
Why only one individual tests for HIV/AIDS among Sub-Saharan African Couples?

N°23      Laura ROVEGNO and Hylke VANDENBUSSCHE
A comparative analysis of EU Antidumping rules and application

N°22      Michel BEINE, Frédéric DOCQUIER and Caglar ÖZDEN
Dissecting Network Externalities in International Migration

N°21      Hylke VANDENBUSSCHE and Christian VIEGELAHN
No Protectionist Surprises: EU Antidumping Policy Before and During the Great Recession

N°20      David DE LA CROIX and Axel GOSSERIES
The Natalist Bias of Pollution Control

N°19      Marco PECORARO
Is there still a wage penalty for being overeducated but well-matched in skills? A panel data analysis of a Swiss graduate cohort

N°18      Raouf BOUCEKKINE, Giorgio FABBRI and Fausto GOZZI
Life span and the problem of optimal population size

N°17      Matteo PICCHIO and Jan C. VAN OURS
Retaining through Training: Even for Older Workers

N°16      Vincent VANDENBERGHE
Firm-level Evidence on Gender Wage Discrimination in the Belgian Private Economy

N°15      Ana Maria DIAZ ESCOBAR
The Employment Advantages of Skilled Urban Areas

N°14      Ana Maria DIAZ ESCOBAR
Spatial Unemployment Differentials in Colombia

N°13      Florencia DEVOTO, Esther DUFLO, Pascaline DUPAS, William PARIENTE and VINCENT PONS
Happiness on Tap: Piped Water Adoption in Urban Morocco

N°12      Frédéric DOCQUIER, Hillel RAPOPORT and Sara SALOMONE
Remittances, Migrants’Education and Immigration Policy: Theory and Evidence from Bilateral Data

N°11      Daria ONORI
Welfare, Competition, Specialization and Growth

N°10      Vincent VANDENBERGHE
Boosting the employment rate of older men and women

N°9        Frédéric DOCQUIER and Hillel RAPOPORT
Globalization, brain drain and development

N°8        Marc GERMAIN
Limites à la croissance dans le cadre d’un cycle naturel

N°7        Vincent BODART, Bertrand CANDELON and Jean-François CARPANTIER
Real Exchanges Rates in Commodity Producing Countries: A Reappraisal

N°6        Olivier CARDI and Romain RESTOUT
Fiscal Shocks in a Two-Sector Open Economy

N°5        Bastien CHABE-FERRET and Paolo MELINDI GHIDI
Differences in Fertility Behavior and Uncertainty: An Economic Theory of the Minority Status Hypothesis


N°4        Vivien LEWIS and Céline POILLY

            Firm Entry, Inflation and the Monetary Transmission Mechanism


N°3        Florian MAYNERIS and Sandra PONCET
Export performance of Chinese domestic firms: the role of foreign export spillovers

N°2        Aminata SISSOKO
R&D Subsidies and Firm-Level Productivity: Evidence from France

N°1        Paula E. GOBBI 
A Model of Voluntary Childlessness


N°46      Chrysovalantis VASILAKIS
The social economic impact of AIDS: Accounting for intergenerational transmission, productivity and fertility

N°45      Olivier CARDI and Romain RESTOUT
Sectoral Effects of Tax Reforms in an Open Economy

N°44      Frédéric DOCQUIER, Caglar OZDEN and Giovanni PERI
The Wage Effects of Immigration and Emigration

N°43      Laura ROVEGNO
Trade Protection and Market Power: Evidence from US Antidumping and Countervailing duties

N°42      Olivier STERCK
Should prevention campaigns disclose the transmission rate of HIV/AIDS? Theory and evidence from Burundi

N°41      Bart COCKX and Muriel DEJEMEPPE
The Threat of Monitoring Job Search. A Discontinuity DesiGN

N°40      Fabien NGENDAKURIYO
Open loop and feedback solutions to an institutional game under non-quadratic preferences

N°39      Luca PENSIEROSO and Alessandro SOMMACAL
Economic Development and the Family Structure: from the Pater Familias to the Nuclear Family

N°38      Raouf BOUCEKKINE and Patrick A. PINTUS
Is History a Blessing or a Curse? International Borrowing without Commitment, Leapfrogging and Growth Reversals

N°37      David DE LA CROIX, Olivier PIERRARD and Henri SNEESSENS
Aging and Pensions in General Equilibrium: Labor Market Imperfections Matter

N°36      Michele DI MAIO and Giorgio FABBRI
Consumer boycott, household heterogeneity and child labour

N°35      Frédéric DOCQUIER, Elisabetta LODIGIANI, Hillel RAPOPORT and Maurice SCHIFF
Emigration and the quality of home country institutions

N°34      Julio A. CARRILLO and Céline POILLY
On the Recovery Path during a Liquidity Trap: Do Financial Frictions Matter for Fiscal Multipliers ?

N°33      Laurence JACQUET, Etienne LEHMANN and Bruno VAN DER LINDEN
Optimal Redistributive Taxation with both Extensive and Intensive Responses

N°32      Michel DE VROEY
Lucas on the Lucasian transformation of macroeconomics: an assessmen

N°31      Michel DE VROEY
Lucas on the relationship between theory and ideology

N°30      Michel DE VROEY
Microfoundations: a decisive dividing line between Keynesian and new classical macroeconomics?

N°29      Mauro BAMBI, Giorgio FABBRI and Fausto GOZZI
Optimal policy and consumption smoothing effects in the time-to-build AK mode

N°28      Alejandro DONADO and Klaus WÄLDE
How Bad is Globalization for Labour Standards in the North?

N°27     Alejandro DONADO and Klaus WÄLDE
How Trade Unions Increase Welfare

N°26      Matteo PICCHIO and Jan C. VAN OURS
Market imperfections and firm-sponsored training

N°25      Raouf BOUCEKKINE and Giorgio FABBRI
Assessing the Parfit's Repugnant Conclusion within a canonical endogenous growth set-up

N°24      Jose MOURELLE
Financial shocks and macroeconomic policies during the Argentine crisis of 2001-2002

N°23      Luca PENSIEROSO
The Great Depression in Belgium: an Open-Economy Analysis

N°22      Michel BEINE and Sara SALOMONE
Networks Effects in International Migration : Education versus Gender

N°21      Anna BATYRA and Henri SNEESSENS
Selective Reductions in Labor Taxation Labour Market Adjustments and Macroeconomic Performance

N°20      Andrey LAUNOV and Klaus WÄLDE
Estimating Incentive and Welfare Effects of Non-Stationary Unemployment Benefits

N°19      Michel DEVROEY and Pierre MALGRANGE
From the Keynesian Revolution to the Klein-Goldberger Model: Klein and the Dynamization of Keynesian Theory

N°18      Géraldine THIRY and Isabelle CASSIERS
Alternative Indicators to GDP: Values behind Numbers. Adjusted Net Savings in Question

N°17      Cyriaque EDON and Thierry KAMIONKA
Dynamic modeling of fertility and labour market participation of married or cohabiting women

N°16      David DE LA CROIX and Frédéric DOCQUIER
Do Brain Drain and Poverty Result from Coordination Failures?

N°15      Gianluca OREFICE
Skilled Migration and Economic Performances: evidence from OECD countries

N°14      Christian BAYER and Klaus WÄLDE
Matching and Saving in Continuous Time: Proofs

N°13      Christian BAYER and Klaus WÄLDE
Matching and Saving in Continuous Time: Theory

N°12      Fabio MARIANI
The economic value of virtue

N°11      Raouf BOUCEKKINE and Benteng ZOU
Catching-up with the “locomotive”: a simple theory

Scarcity, regulation and endogenous technical progress

N°9         Raouf BOUCEKKINE, Carmen CAMACHO and Giorgio FABBRI
Spatial dynamics and convergence: the spatial AK model

N°8         Mathias HUNGERBUHLER, Etienne LEHMANN and Alexis PARMENTIER
A Simple Theory of Optimal Redistributive Taxation with Equilibrium Unemployment

Using Firm-Level Data to Assess Gender Wage Discrimination in the Belgian Labour Market

N°6         Carmen CAMACHO and I-Ling SHEN
Public Education for the Children Left Behind

N°5         Matteo PICCHIO and Chiara MUSSIDA
Gender Wage Gap: A Semi-parametric Approach with Sample Selection Correction

N°4         Carmen CAMACHO
Migration modelling in the New Economic Geography

N°3         Vincent VANDENBERGHE and Fabio WALTENBERG
Ageing Workforce, Productivity and Labour costs of Belgian Firms

N°2         Hélène LATZER
Income inequalities and innovation by incumbents

N°1         Carmen CAMACHO, Cagri SAGLAM and Agah TURAN
Endogenous Time Preference and Strategic Growth


N°43      Paolo MELINDI GHIDI
A Model of Ideological Transmission with Endogenous Paternalism

N°42      Isabelle CASSIERS and Luc DENAYER
Concertation sociale et transformations socio-économiques en Belgique, de 1944 à nos jours

N°41      Thomas BAUDIN
Family Policies: What Does The Standard Endogenous Fertility Model Tell Us?

N°40      David DE LA CROIX, Pierre PESTIEAU and Gregory PONTHIERE
How Powerful is Demography? The Serendipity Theorem Revisited

N°39      Yasser MOULLAN
Can Foreign Health Assistance Reduce the Medical Brain Drain?

N°38      Sofia PESSOA e COSTA and Stéphane ROBIN
An Illustration of the Returns to Training Programmes: The Evaluation of the “Qualifying Contract" in France

N°37      Jean-François FAGNART and Marc GERMAIN
On the Feasibility of Perpetual Growth in a Decentralized Economy Subject to Environmental Constraints

N°36      Elisabetta LODIGIANI
Diaspora Externalities as a Cornerstone of the New Brain Drain Literature

N°35      Sandra PONCET, Walter STEINGRESS and Hylke VANDENBUSSCHE
Financial constraints in China: firm-level evidence

N°34      Luca PENSIEROSO
Real Business Cycle Models of the Great Depression

N°33      David DE LA CROIX and Clara DELAVALLADE
Why Corrupt Governments May Receive More Foreign Aid

Product and Process Innovation and the decision to Export: Firm-level evidence for Belgium

N°31      Frédéric DOCQUIER and Hillel RAPOPORT
Documenting the brain drain of «la crème de la crème»:
Three case-studies on international migration at the upper tail of the education distribution

N°30      Ludovic A. JULIEN
Unemployment equilibrium and economic policy in mixed markets

Worthy Transfers? A Dynamic Analysis of Turkey’s Accession to the European Union

N°28      David DE LA CROIX and Frédéric DOCQUIER
An Incentive Mechanism to Break the Low-skill Immigration Deadlock     

N°27      Michel DE VROEY
The Marshallian roots of Keynes's General Theory           

N°26      Michel DE VROEY
New classical/real business cycle macroeconomics. The anatomy of a revolution    

N°25      Olaf POSCH and Klaus WÄLDE
Of the non-causal link between volatility and growth            

N°24      Bart Cockx and Bruno VAN DER LINDEN
Flexicurity in Belgium. A proposal Based on Economic Principles     

N°23     Ana Maria DIAZ ESCOBAR
Informal Referrals, Employment and Wages: Seeking Causal Directions        

N°22      Michèle BELOT and Vincent VANDENBERGHE
Grade retention and educational attainment.
Exploiting the 2001 Reform by the French-Speaking Community of Belgium and Synthetic Control Methods 

N°21      Frédéric DOCQUIER, Agdeslam MARFOUK, Sara SALOMONE and Khalid SEKKAT
Are skilled women more migratory than skillet men?     

N°20       Michel DE VROEY
Les libéralismes économiques et la crise     

N°19     Thomas Y. MATHA and Olivier PIERRARD
Search in the Product Market and the Real Business Cycle          

N°18      Michel BEINE, Frédéric DOCQUIER and Hillel RAPOPORT
On the robustness of brain gain estimates

N°17     Jozef KONINGS and Hylke VANDENBUSSCHE
Antidumping Protection hurts Exporters: Firm-level evidence from France

N°16    Vincent BODART, Philippe LEDENT and Fatemeh SHADMAN-METHA
An Employment Equation for Belgium

N°15      Marc GERMAIN, Henry TULKENS and Alphonse MAGNUS
Dynamic core-theoretic cooperation in a two-dimensional international environmental model

N°14      Fabien NGENDAKURIYO
Institutions Quality and Growth

N°13      Luca MARCHIORI, I-Ling SHEN and Frédéric DOCQUIER
Brain drain in globalization
A general equilibrium analysis from the sending countries’ perspective

N°12      Raouf BOUCEKKINE and Jean-Pierre LAFFARGUE
On the Distributional Consequences of Epidemics

N°11      David DE LA CROIX and Michel LUBRANO
The Tradeoff between Growth and Redistribution: ELIE in an Overlapping Generations Model

N°10      Raouf BOUCEKKINE, Giorgio FABBRI and Fausto GOZZI
Maintenance and investment: Complements or Substitutes? A Reappraisal

N°9        Raouf BOUCEKKINE, Jacek B. KRAWCZYK and Thomas VALLEE
Environmental negotiations as dynamic games: Why so selfish?

N°8        Michel DE VROEY
Marshall and Walras: Incompatible Bedfellows ?

N°7        Gabriele CARDULLO
The Distributive and Welfare Effects of Product and Labour Market Deregulation

N°6        Gregory DE WALQUE, Olivier PIERRARD and Abdelaziz ROUABAH
Financial (in)stability, supervision and liquidity injections: a dynamic general equilibrium approach

N°5        Anna BATYRA and Michel DE VROEY
From one to many islands: the emergence of search and matching models

N°4        Bart COCKX and Matteo PICCHIO
Are Short-Lived Jobs Stepping Stones to Long-Lasting Jobs?

N°3        Laurence JACQUET
Take it or Leave it: Optimal Transfer Programs, Monitoring and Takeup

N°2        Michel BEINE, Frédéric DOCQUIER and Çaglar ÖZDEN

N°1        Guillaume HORNY and Matteo PICCHIO
Identification of Lagged Duration Dependence in Multiple Spells Competing Risks Models

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