IRES Discussion Papers

The IRES Discussion Paper series facilitates the dissemination of research by IRES staff members and extramural fellows. Before January 2009, the series include Discussion Papers authored by all members of the Department of Economics. Since 2009, the series is limited to IRES staff members and extramural fellows. The papers are available in electronic version. If you have problem downloading the files, please contact Virginie Leblanc 

Below are listed the papers of the current year. For previous years, visit the archives page. Alternatively, you can also find our discussion papers on RePEC or in our institutional repository DIAL.



N°14   Michal BURZYNSKI, Christoph DEUSTER, Frederic DOCQUIER and Jaime DE MELO
Climate Change, Inequality, and Human Migration

N°13   Annalisa FRIGO and Eric ROCA FERNANDEZ
Roots of Gender Equality: the Persistent Effect of Beguinages on Attitudes Toward Women

N°12   Giorgio FABBRI, Silvia FAGGIAN and Giuseppe FRENI
Policy Effectiveness in Spatial Resource Wars: A Two-Region Model

N°11   Vincent BODART, Jean-François CARPANTIER
Currency Collapses and Output Dynamics in Commodity Dependent Countries

N°10   Esther DELESALLE
The Effect of the Universal Primary Education Program on Labor Market Outcomes : Evidence from Tanzania

N°9   Arnaud DESEAU, Adam LEVAI, and Michèle SCHMIEGELOW
Access to Justice and Economic Development : Evidence from an International Panel Dataset

Population and the environment : the role of fertility, education and life expectancy

N°7   Daniele VERDINI
Demand Shocks, Sector-level Externalities, and the Evolution of Comparative Advantage

N°6   Michel DE VROEY
Preface to the Chinese Edition of A History of Macroeconomics from Keynes to Lucas and Beyond

N°5   Pierre ANDRE, Esther DELESALLE and Christelle DUMAS
Returns to farm child labor in Tanzania

Capital Stock and Depreciation: Theory and an Empirical Application

N°3   Olivier E. MALAY, Leila VAN KEIRSBILCK
Libéralisation du rail : qui va gagner, qui va perdre?

Health, Cognition and Work Capacity Beyond the Age of 50: International Evidence on the Extensive and Intensive Margin of Work

N°1   Thomas BAUDIN, David DE LA CROIX and Paula E. GOBBI
Childlessness and Economic Development: A Survey