Completed PhD Theses

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You will find the list of the theses defended by IRES PhD students since 2008.


20-04-2018 - Zainab IFTIKHAR
Essays on the Effects of Migration and Demographic Factors on Labor Markets and Human Capital Accumulation
(Supervisors: David de la Croix and Christiane Clemens (Universität Bielefeld))

20-06-2018 - Tommaso SONNO
Essays on Globalisation and Conflicts, Populism and Firm Heterogeneity
(Supervisors: Florian Mayneris and Carlo Altomonte (Bocconi University))

04-07-2018 - Thu Hien DAO
On the Fundamental Drivers of International Migration
(Supervisors: Frédéric Docquier and Christiane Clemens (Universität Bielefeld))

06-09-2018 - Èric ROCA FERNÁNDEZ
Essays on Economic Development and Gender
(Supervisors: Fabio Mariani and Luca Pensieroso)

13-09-2018 - Christoph DEUSTER
Migration, Human Capital and Climate Change
(Supervisors: Frédéric Docquier and Catia Bastia (Nova University Lisbon))

27-11-2018 - Elisa RIZZO
Essays on Education and Stages of Growth
(Supervisors: David de la Croix and Bertrand Wigniolle (PSE))


02-06-2017 – Dédé ALIANGO MARACHTO
Analyse de la propriété des coopératives d’épargne et de crédit : le cas des coopec kinoises
(Supervisor: by Marthe Nyssens)

20-06-2017 – Vanessa LUTGEN
Essays on regional unemployment and policies
(supervisor: Bruno Van der Linden)

03-07-2017 – Lucia GRANElLI
Three Essays in Macroeconomic Policy
(Supervisors : David de la Croix and Marcel Gérard)

25-09-2017 – Guzman OURENS BROCOS
Essays on Globalization
(Supervisors : Florian Mayneris and Raouf Boucekkine)

08-11-2017 – Maïté LE POLAIN DE WAROUX
L’art de s’approprier (et de résister à) un dispositif de développement : cas des mutuelles de solidarité au Sud-Kivu
(Supervisor: Marthe Nyssens)



18-04-2016 – Michal BURZYNSKI
Migration, human capital, and growth in a globalized economy
(supervisor: Frédéric Docquier)

25-04-2016 – Sotiris BLANAS
International trade, labour outcomes and organisation of firms
(Supervisor: by Vincent Vandenberghe)

30-05-2016 – Pierre PECHER
Ethnic divisions and economic performance
(Supervisor: David de la Croix)

05-09-2016 – Hamzeh ARABZADEH JAMALI
Three essay on the sectoral aspects of economic policy
(Supervisors: David de la Croix and Antoine d’Autume)

07-09-2016 – Marco DELOGU
"Essays on the macro-analysis of international migration"
(Supervisors: Frédéric Docquier and Michel Beine)

27-09-2016 – Robert STELTER
Advances in understanding incentives to procreate
(Supevisors: David de la Croix and Philipp Wichardt)


23-03-2015 – Emeline BEZIN
Cultural Transmission and Economic Behaviours: An application to Environmental Issues and Urban Inequalities"
(Supervisor: David de la Croix and Fabien Moizeau)

24-08-2015 – Paola Liliana MONTERO LEDZEMA
Spatial mobility, social networks, and their effects on labor market outcomes
(Supervisor by Bruno Van der Linden)

01-12-2015 – Olivier BROLIS
Employment models in social enterprises: does the mission matter for job quality, discrimination, and motivations of workers in low-skilled positions?
(Supervisor: Marthe Nyssens)


07-01-2014 – Aysegul KAYAOGLU
Essays on the Policy Implication of Migration
(Supervisors: Frédéric Docquier)

31-01-2014 – Alexandre SIMONS
Firm Relocation, North-South Technology Transfer and Welfare
Supervisor: Raouf Boucekkine

23-04-2014 – Andrea ARIU
Essays on Trade in Services
(Supervisor: Frédéric Docquier)

23-09-2014 – Francesco DI COMITE
More linear than you would think: quadratic utilities, product differentiation and trade patterns
(Supervisor: Hylke Vandenbussche)

23-09-2014 – Christian VIEGELAHN
Essays on trade policies and firm behaviour in the developing world
(Supervisor: Hylke Vandenbussche)

01-10-2014 – Joël MACHADO CARNEIRO
On the Consequences of Increasing Immigration
(Supervisor: Frédéric Docquier)

28-11-2014 – Erica PEREGO
Essays on the Euro zone Sovereign Debt Crisis and Financial Markets
(supervisors: Vincent Bodart and Henri Sneessens)

09-12-2014 – Amandine AUBRY
Gains and costs from an increasing integration of output and labor markets: an analysis of market size and transnational networks
(Supervisor: Frédéric Docquier)


17-04-2013 – Paula GOBBI
Parenthood Decisions and the Transformation of the Family Structure
(Supervisor: David de la Croix)

18-04-2013 – Olivier STERCK
Essays in Development Economics: Conflict Resolution Mechanisms and Epidemics
(Supervisors: Raouf Boucekkine and William Parienté)

19-04-2013 – Bastien CHABE-FERRET
Three Essays on the Fertility of Minority Groups
(Supervisors: Raouf Boucekkine and Jean-Marie Baland)

24-04-2013 – Pierre-Germain UMUHIRE
« Informal Finance et Formal Microfinance: The Rationale of their Coexistence in the Context of Urban African Financial Markets »
Supersivor: Marthe Nyssens

17-05-2013 – Aminata SISSOKO
Essays on R&D Subsidy Policy
Supersivor: Hylke Vandenbussche

03-06-2013 – Daria ONORI
Essays on Endogenous Growth: Technology and Financial Markets
Supervisors: Raouf Boucekkine and Enrico Marchetti

18-06-2013 – Chrysovalantis VASILAKIS
Essays in Economic Growth and International Migration
(Supervisors: Raouf Boucekkine and Frédéric Docquier)

07-10-2013 – Marco PECORARO
Incidence and Wage Effects of Educational Mismatch in the Swiss Labour Market
(Supervisors: Muriel Dejemeppe and Bruno Van der Linden)


31-01-2012 – Paolo MELINDI GHIDI
The dynamics of inequality, minorities and school choice
(Supervisor: David de la Croix)

29-05-2012 – Jean-François CARPANTIER
« Empirical essays on commodity prices »
(Supervisors : Luc Bauwens, Vincent Bodart)

30-05-2012 – Géraldine THIRY
"Au-delà du PIB : un tournant historique. Enjeux méthodologiques, théoriques et épistémologiques de la quantification"
(Supervisor: Isabelle Cassiers)

11-09-2012 – Rossana MEROLA
« Financial Frictions in DSGE Models »
(Supersivors: Henri Sneessens and Raf Wouters )

14-09-2012 – Youyou BAENDE BOFOTA
Social capital, human capital and economic development: theoretical model and empirical analyses
(Supervisor: Boucekkine Raouf)

26-10-2012 – Laura ROVEGNO MALHARIN
Trade Policy and Firm Behaviour
(Supersivor: Hylke Vandenbussche)

11-12-2012 – Paolo PIACQUADIO
Essays on Intergenerational Justice
(Supersivors: Raouf Boucekkine and François Maniquet)


25-03-2011 – Vincent SCOURNEAU
Une méthode simple et flexible de réduction du biais des estimateurs de maximum de vraisemblance des distributions GEV avec applications aux régressions hédoniques et à d’autres processus à valeurs extrêmes
(supervisor: Daniel Weiserbs)

28-03-2011 – Ana Maria DIAZ ESCOBAR
Three essays on Colombian labor market
(supervisor: Bart Cockx)

24-05-2011 – Sara SALOMONE
Four Empirical Essays on International Migration
(supervisor: Frédéric Docquier)

22-06-2011 – Anna BATYRA
Labor market frictions, unemployment and economic policy
(supervisor: Henri Sneessens)

29-06-2011 – Fabien NGENDAKURIYO
Essays on Development Economics: Institutions and Technology Adoption
(supervisor: Raouf Boucekkine)


26-02-2010 – Hélène LATZER
Three essays on development and growth
(Supersivor: Prof. Raouf Boucekkine)

03-03-2010 – Pavlina KARASIOTOU
Education and the labour market: three essays on interrelations and multiple effects during lifetime
(Supersivor: Prof. Vincent Vandenberghe)

19-03-2010 – Giulio NICOLETTI
Essays on formulating and estimating DSGE models
(Supersivor: Prof. Raouf Boucekkine)

17-05-2010 – Gül ERTAN
« Essays on Turkey’s bid for global integration »
(Supersivor: Prof. David de la Croix)

21-12-2010 – Arastou KHATIBI
Essays on Trade Protection
(supervisor: Hylke Vandenbussche)


02-02-2009 – Elisabetta LODIGIANI
"Skilled migration and Diaspora externalities"
(Supersivor: Prof. Frédéric Docquier)

06-03-2009 – Matteo PICCHIO
Good news in bad jobs
(Supersivor: Prof. Bart Cockx)

14-05-2009 – Ileana Cristina NEAGU
Essays in International Economics
(Supersivors: Prof. Frederic Docquier and Caglar Özden)

19-05-2009 – Bruno MEESSEN
An institutional economic analysis of public health care organisations in low-income countries
(Supersivor: Prof. Marthe Nyssens)

12-06-2009 – Davide DOTTORI
"Essays on Population Dynamics and Social Outcomes"
(Supersivor: Prof. David de la Croix)

24-06-2009 – Luca MARCHIORI
"On the World Economy and International Migration"
(Supersivors: Prof. David de la Croix and Frederic Docquier)

25-06-2009 – I-Ling SHEN
International Migration and Its Impacts on Inequality and Education
(Supersivor: Prof. Frederic Docquier)

03-07-2009 – Concetta MENDOLICCHIO
Essays on Investments in Education"
Lien DIAL:
(Supersivors: Prof. Vincent Vandenberghe and Raouf Boucekkine)


08-09-2008 – Alessandro SOMMACAL
Essays on pension systems, inequality, human capital and growth
(Supersivor: Prof. David de la Croix)

10-10-2008 – Marjan MAES
Essays on Financial and distributional implications of retirement in Belgium
(Supersivors: Prof. Vincent Vandenberghe and Pierre Pestieau)

16-10-2008 – Paolo NATICCHIONI
Wage distribution, educational wage premia and labour market institutions in Italy
(Supersivors: Prof. Bruno Van der Linden and Henri Sneessens)