Workshop Longevity Heterogeneity and Pension Design

Workshop “Longevity Heterogeneity and Pension Design”

Jan. 28th, 2020, Louvain-la-Neuve (Belgium)
LECL 93, 1 Place Montesquieu

The SUSTAINABLE, ADEQUATE AND SAFE PENSIONS (SAS) PENSIONS PROJECT at UCLouvain (Belgium) organises a workshop on “Longevity Heterogeneity and Pension Design”.

In the matter of justice in pensions, so far, longevity heterogeneity has received little attention, despite its potentially strong (anti)redistributive role. If rich individuals live longer, they draw pension benefits longer than less wealthy people. In the US, we observe significant differences across socio-economic groups, measured by education, place of residence, income and occupation (Luy et al., 2015; Bosworth, Burtless & Zhang, 2016). What is more, these differences seem to be on the rise. Ceteris paribus, this could considerably erode the overall degree of intragenerational equity achieved via public pensions.


Welcome of participants (9-9.05 am)

Morning Session (9.05 am- 12.30 am)

- Gregory PONTHIÈRE: [Paris School of Economics]: Fair Retirement and Premature Mortality

- Alexia FÜRNKRANZ-PRSKAWETZ [Wittgenstein Centre of Demography and Global Human Capital, University of Vienna]: Redistributive effects of different pension systems when longevity varies by socioeconomic status

Morning coffee break (10.45-11.00 am)

- Arno BAURIN [IRES/UCLouvain]: Heterogeneous realized longetivity and pension design

- Elmar STRACKE [University of Bayreuth]: Defusing the Relevance of Life Span Variations for Pension Schemes

Lunch (12.30 am -2 pm)

Afternoon parallel sessions (2.00- 3.20 pm)

Session 1

- Jonna OLSSON [University of Amsterdam]: Health dynamics and heterogeneous life expectancies

- Ilya KASHNITSKY [Interdisciplinary Centre on Population Dynamics, University of Southern Denmark]; Fair pension reforms in the presence of rectangularization of survival

Session 2

- Javier OLIVERA [Luxembourg Institute of Socio-Economic Research (LISER)]: The distribution of pension wealth in Europe

- Markus KNELL [Austrian National Bank]: Fair Pension Systems and Differential Mortality

Afternoon coffee break (3.20-3.35 pm)

Afternoon final session (3.35 -6 pm)

- Miguel SANCHEZ-ROMERO [Institute of Statistics and Mathematical Methods in Economics, TU Wien, Austria] : The impact of reducing the pension generosity on schooling and inequality

- Marie-Louise LEROUX [Département des Sciences Economiques, UQAM]: Fair Long-Term Care Insurance

- Jennifer ALONSO-GARCIA [University of Groningen] : Mortality by socio-economic class and its impact on the retirement schemes: How to render the systems fairer?

Scientific committee

Prof. Vincent Vandenberghe, Jean Hindriks, Pierre Devolder, Alexia Autenne and Axel Gosseries (UCLouvain)


Ariane Robyn (



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Published on August 27, 2019