The CISM team can help the users beyond the regular use of the infrastructure. We can help in many ways for items that go beyond the scope (for instance problems that are not related to one of our machines specifically) or burden (for instance tasks/projects that run in the long term) of typical user support.

We have some expertise in the following areas:

  • several programming languages: C, Fortran, Python, R, Matlab, etc.
  • parallel programming with MPI, OpenMP, etc.
  • compilers and optimised libraries
  • code debugging and profiling

but also in many aspects related to managing Linux environments:

  • configuration engines: Salt, Ansible
  • private cloud: Openstack, Owncloud
  • deployments tools: Cobbler, kickstart
  • specific services: LDAP, GLPI, DNS, Zabbix, etc.

And of course we have a rather broad knowledge of the HPC-related hardware from several vendors, and the hosting infrastructure (hardware and monitoring/management software)

More details can be obtained by contacting the CISM team. See the Contact section.