New account & users duties

There are two different accounts available: the CISM and the CÉCI account. You may need only one or the two of them. Both are free of charge but some rules apply.

  • The CISM account  : access to interactives machines and UCLouvain mass storage
  • The CÉCI account  : access to the 6 CÉCI Clusters (Nic5, Vega, Hercules2, Dragon1, Dragon2, Lemaitre3) + Zenobe + UCLouvain Manneback

See the documentation about how to create an account.

Duties and responsibilities of the user:

  • the rules edicted by the university
  • the rules about the use of the cluster
  • the rules about the use of mass storage (it has a cost)
  • the rules about the use of SMCS servers

See the documentation about the access conditions.

Mailing Lists: Upon account creation, users will be registered to the CÉCI and CISM mailing lists were important announcements (a dozen email per year) are made. All users must be registered to these mailing lists.

Important : users are requested to tag their publications that were made possible thanks to the CISM/CÉCI infrastructure. See Acknowledgements.