New account & users duties

There are two different accounts available: the CISM and the CÉCI account. You may need only one or the two of them. Both are free of charge but some rules apply.

  • The CISM account  : access to interactives machines and UCL mass storage
  • The CÉCI account  : access to the 6 CÉCI Clusters (Nic4, Vega, Hercules, Dragon1, Lemaitre3, Hmem) + Zenoble + UCL Manneback

See the documentation about how to create an account.

Duties and responsibilities of the user:

  • the rules edicted by the university
  • the rules about the use of the cluster
  • the rules about the use of mass storage (it has a cost)
  • the rules about the use of SMCS servers

See the documentation about the access conditions.

Important : users are requested to tag their publications that were made possible thanks to the CISM/CÉCI infrastructure. See Acknowledgements.