Support & Documentation

Our focus is on making sure every one is able to use the CISM resources to fit their individual needs in the respect of the common interest.

Each year, the CISM with the CÉCI, offer a full-fledge offer in training sessions.

The videos of the last sessions are available online.

We also provide written documentation, email and phone support, and individual coaching. The documentation covers every aspect from creating an account to connecting and copying files, installing software, submitting jobs, etc. Most information regarding the use of the compute cluster is available in the CÉCI documentation, except for specific parts of the Manneback cluster, which is UCLouvain-specific. Information about the storage system and interactive machines can be found in the CISM documentation, as well as more administrative aspects of the use of the CISM and CÉCI hardware.

Two sites are available: one for the CISM only informations and the other for the documentation relating to the CÉCI.

When the documentation does not provide the needed answers, the easiest way to get help is to contact the team's email address When asking your question try to provide as many details as possible. Always make sure to give your login, and the name of the cluster or machine you are having a problem with. Then, explain what you are trying to do, what unexpected result you face, and any error message that might appear. We often reply the next day the latest.

Questions regarding CÉCI cluster (Nic5, Hercules2, Dragon1&2) can be introduced by the CÉCI Support Wizard which sends the request to the proper manager.

For more urgent problems, feel free to phone a member of the team. Our telephone numbers are available in the Contact page. Note that we gather for team meeting on Monday morning so no one will answer the phone in that time frame...

Also if the problem is difficult to solve by email or by phone, we can make an appointment and give you a one-to-one coaching session. Just make sure to bring your laptop and to be able to connect to the WiFi. The location of our offices is given in the Contact section.