Image credit: NASA

Louvain4Space objectives are to regroup space competences and establish strategies to increase UCLouvain participation and visibility in the space sector. The goal is to share experiences and use future opportunities like the new space agency, the insufficient presence of UCLouvain in the field and the reversed age pyramid in the space industry.

Main objectives :

  • Sharing space sector information
  • Networking
  • Improve UCLouvain space projects visibility
  • Regrouping complementary skills
  • Think tank and enhancement of project synergies
  • Unifying project development
  • Experience sharing
  • Fill the deficit/losses of UCLouvain in this sector
  • Exploit the context (fed'tWin, industries, etc.)
  • Mobilize youths / space education
  • Take into accounts the links between space sectors and other industrial sectors:
    • "Spin-out" : Laboratory innovations/researches on Earth to be used/researched in space
    • "Spin-in" : Space projects used by society
  • Establishing a long-term structure that provides support to space players