Previous meetings list


  1. Louvain4Space Consortium meeting on the 12th of March 2018, to discuss projects and particularly the CUPRO nanosat project, communication towards students, advertisement and project financing.
    Location: Oleffe room, Academic Senat, 4th floor, aisle A-438
    Date and time: March 12th, from 12:30; meeting to start at 13:00.

    1. News on the CUPRO nanosat project
    2. Discussion on the payload
    3. Master thesis in the various domains and actions to be taken
    4. Other projects within the Louvain4Space, especially SkyWin and inter-sectors projects
    5. Communication towards students
    6. How to reach new members to L4S
    7. Workshop
    8. Flyers and website
    9. Press articles
    10. Projects financing
  2. A third meeting took place on October the 13th 2017 and focused on a Nanosatellite Project described here.

  3. A second meeting took place on August the 18th 2017 on the topic of "Towards a Louvain4Space" in the seminar room of the ELI (Earth and Life Institute) in the Mercator building at Louvain-la-Neuve. The purpose of the second meeting was to meet the new actors (mostly from the new SSS and SSH sectors) and to group the last ideas which strengthened the document presented to the authorities in order to create a Louvain4Space.

  4. A half day of reflection on the "Space research at UCL/SST & Synergies" took place the 17th of October 2016. The main goal was to establish a first contact between the researchers of the SST working in the space domain. The objective was to establish short term strategies in order to increase the participation of the UCLouvain in this domain compared to other Belgian or European universities.