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- A future for youths

Due to the reversed age pyramid in the space industry, it is important to mobilize youths in this domain. See YouSpace below.


The LUNA nanosatellite project has the implication of students to space as main objective.

- YouSpace

Right now, many students want to get in the space industry. Many of these are within the UCLouvain. Some already came at the two events organized to promote space jobs to UCLouvain youths (see for instance, the report of the first and second event organized by YouSpace).


There is also a project "kot", the kot astro, which gathers a group of activities for youths interested in astronomy and space particularly.

- UCL-to-Mars

The 2018 UCL-to-Mars team has been interviewed by an American broadcasting company, PBS, during their stay in the Martian base of the Utah desert.
The video can be found here.
Every year, a team of our young students participate to the Martian base experiences in the Utah desert organized by the Mars Society (see for instance the website UCL-to-Mars). Feel free to have a look at their adventures :!/news

UCLouvain recently relayed the information, see

- Courses organized by ESA

Interesting programs for youths attracted to space exist, like the ESA Young Graduate Trainees program. It will be important to identify them, share the information and support our students. Workshop organized in Redu by ESA for students focused on space mission creation is a great example of what « ESA Academy » organizes for students. The latter has focused its efforts on nanosatellites this year. ESA established an education program called « Fly your satellite ». ESA Academy installations also integrates a new cubesat education center. This center will provide an end-to-end technical support to universities teams invested in a Cubesat project, from design to operations.

ESA sponsored activities in Redu also exist, they allow youths passionate by space to participate in various activities. Mainly within the « ESA Academy », there will be a workshop called « CubeSats Concurrent Engineering Workshop 2018 », from January 16th to 19th 2018 at ESA Academy’s Training and Learning Center at l’ESEC, in Redu, Belgium.

Recently, the European Space Agency, always looking for bright minds, published a new list containing the challenges to overcome within the framework of the Young Graduate Trainee (YGT) program. See ESA Young Graduate Trainee program.

Concomitant engineering is a development method of space products where all sub-systems are simultaneously conceived to enhance process efficiency.Workshops are still organized by ESA.

- Last remark

If you wish to share an activity, feel free to contact us via email to the Coordinator or Secretary, precising "title, for whom, by whom, where, when, abstract".