Steps and Procedures

The realization of a doctoral thesis could be schematized by a cabinet with four distinct drawers, each having its own requirements and a specific interlocutor:

  • First drawer: the validation by the Doctoral Commission of the Domain (CDD) of the various stages of the doctorate, from the admission to the doctorate until the public defense.

  • Second drawer: obtaining a contract or a scholarship from a funding agency, which may impose a number of rules (duration of funding, ownership of results, drafting of reports, conditions of access). And this, independently of the provisions provided for in the doctoral regulations of the Academy of Louvain.

  • Third drawer: the execution of a research project equivalent to a flat rate of 180 ECTS under the guidance of one or several promoters and an accompanying committee.

  • Fourth drawer: the realization of a doctoral training program (training and scientific communication) equivalent to 60 ECTS. This program must be validated by the Doctoral Commission of the field (CDD) both a priori at the time of admission to the doctorate and a posteriori within the framework of different stages of the doctoral course.

The different phases of the doctorate, in chronological order, imply the following steps on your part.

  • Ensure that you meet the conditions for access to the doctorate (further training is possible).

  • Find a promoter and funding for your thesis.

  • Define a thesis project, a doctoral training project and an accompanying committee with the help of your promoter.

  • Write and submit your application for admission to the Domain Doctoral Commission (CDD).

  • Once you have been admitted, proceed to register at the University at the Registration Office (SIC). This is where your research begins.

  • Submit regularly to the CDD an application for recognition of credits related to your doctoral training activities.

  • Renew annually (and by November 30th at the latest) your UCL registration with the SIC.

  • Respect your grant requirements, such as intermediate reports or renewal of your mandate.

  • Within 24 months from the date of your admission, prepare an intermediate assessment of the doctoral training activities validated by the CSD and present your confirmation test.

⇒ Please note that this deadline can be shortened due to the requirements imposed by certain grant providers, such as the F.R.S.-FNRS and the FRIA. Be careful !

  • At the end of the thesis, propose a final jury and demonstrate that the sum of the credits of doctoral training activities validated by the CDD reaches 60 credits.

  • Present the private defense test.

  • Print the thesis according to current recommendations and publicly present it.