Health and quality of life

AIDE Bruxelles Saint-Gilles, Bruxelles Woluwe, Louvain-La-Neuve, Mons, Tournai

UCLouvain cares about students’ health and quality of life

The team is composed of doctors and health professionals, works on different questions and health problems: food, vaccination, addiction, contraception, handicap, stress, sleep or any other health issue.

The team works as a network and is invested in community projects and with student associations.



Scabies is in resurgence everywhere in Belgium. Even if it is benign, scabies does not heal spontaneously. It is important to follow a treatment to get rid of all parasites.

It is important that all the people from the same kot (even if asymptomatic) are treated at the same time and that the kot is cleaned all over.

If you are itching or have rashes ... call your general practitioner.

You can find more advice in the "Cahier de l'Aviq" :