EU and non EU students



Health insurance provider for students from the European Union

You have three options:

You keep your national health insurance

  • In this case, you are subject to the reimbursement conditions of your country but you have to pay the costs of your health care (visit to the general practitioner, STI screening, blood tests,...) in Belgium.
  • So you do not necessarily have to register with your town hall (“commune”) in Belgium.
  • If you are not registered with the town hall (“commune”), this means that you will not have a Belgian national registration number (NISS BIS).
  • If you stay in Belgium for a long period of time, not having a NISS can sometimes make it difficult to access certain care (vaccinations, etc.) or certain data (test results, etc.).

►After registering with the town hall in Belgium: you will then receive a Belgian national registration number (NISS BIS)

  • You will subscribe to a health insurance provider (“mutuelle”) in Belgium: you will then be subject to the reimbursement conditions in application in Belgium.
  • You do not have to pay the cost of a consultation with a doctor in advance, but you will benefit from the third-party payment system. The health insurance provider (“mutuelle”) intervenes directly, as it does for all Belgians: for more information read our brochure on health care in Louvain-la-Neuve and Woluwe.

You can register with the Belgian health insurance provider (“mutuelle”) without having to give up your national health insurance provider.

  • This is free of charge and you do not have to be registered with the town hall (“commune”) to do so.
  • The Belgian mutual insurance company then acts as an intermediary for you with the mutual insurance company in your country. You do not have to advance any money or take any administrative steps with your own health insurance provider (“mutuelle”).
  • The Belgian reimbursement rates will then apply to you. A Belgian BIS national registration number will then be created.

Health insurance provider ("mutuelle") for non EU students

Student visa – health insurance and health insurance provider (“mutuelle”) in Belgium

When you do your application for a student visa as a resident of a non EU country, you need to prove that you have or will have a health insurance and sufficient means of subsistence. Taking a health insurance in Belgium is mandatory and relies on the student’s responsibility. We stress this as medical costs in the case of an accident or a disease can be very high. Without a health insurance, the student will have to cover all the costs himself.

Registering to a health insurance provider (“mutuelle”) in Belgium is mandatory.

When to enroll with a health insurance provider (“mutuelle”) in Belgium?

You need to enroll to a health insurance provider (“mutuelle”) as soon as you have your residence permit (delivered by the town hall).

1. If you have a travel insurance or a health insurance related to your scholarship, the town hall immediately delivers the residence permit valid for one year. You then have to subscribe to a health insurance provider (“mutuelle”) (an obligation from the “Office des Étrangers”). You will then be enrolled under the “residence” status.

2. If you do not have a health insurance when arriving on the territory (you then have a visa D-B43), the town hall – this may vary from one town to another – deliveres a temporary residence permit (4 months of validity), a document with your household composition or another document with temporary validity. With this document mentioning your national Belgian registration number you can then enroll to a health insurance provider (“mutuelle”) (in most cases under the “student” status).

With this health insurance provider (“mutuelle”) subscription, you need to go back to your town hall and obtain a permanent residence permit. Then you can change your status with your health insurance provider (“mutuelle”) and obtain the status of “resident”, this is more advantageous for you.


What is the contribution for the basic health insurance?

1.You need to pay a legal contribution for your health insurance. This contribution is the same in all the health insurance companies and depends on your situation (status and income). With your “temporary residence permit” (or another temporary document), you can enroll as a “student”: you pay a legal contribution of 63,90 € per trimester (amount for 2022). Once you have an official residence in Belgium and a residence permit (for the year), you can enroll as a “resident” in Belgium: the contribution will then be of 30 € per trimester (amount for 2022).

2. Contribution for the complementary insurance

If you enroll to one of the 5 health insurance provider (“mutuelle”) (except the CAAMI), you need to pay a contribution, in addition to the legal contribution. The contribution comes to around 45 € per trimester (amount for 2023).

In exchange for this contribution, you benefit from services and additional advantages such as additional services for ophthalmology care, psychological help, speech therapy, osteopathy, additional contribution when giving birth and childcare, contributions when enrolling in a sports club, travel assistance, etc.

As the CAAMI does not offer any additional services other than mandatory health insurance, affiliation to CAAMI does not imply any additional contribution.

Health check-up for non EU students

If you are enrolling for the first time at UCLouvain after having lived in a country outside the European Union, the University asks you to carry out a health check-up with the campus doctor.
This health check-up is mandatory, confidential and free of charge.

The health check-up has no impact on your academic future. Its sole purpose is promoting your health and that of the community as a whole.

It gives you some tips and information about health care in Belgium, life on the campus and it gives you the opportunity to ask questions about your health.

  • Before coming to your appointment, please fill in the medical questionnaire. You can fill the questionnaire online and take it with you to your appointment or you can send it by email at the following address:
  • For further information:
  • To make an appointment with the student doctor go to:

In Louvain-la-Neuve: the « Point de Repère », 10 rue des Wallons. Phone: 010/47 20 02
In Brussels: the Town Hall, Student Support Service, Reception, 31 Promenade de l'Alma. Phone : 02/764 41 31
In Mons: Student Support Service, 151 chaussée de Mons. Phone: 065/ 32 32 32

Medical questionnaire

You can fill the questionnaire online and take it with you to your appointment or you can send it by email at the following address:

English version : medical questionnaire

Brochure "Eating healthily in Belgium"