Course choice

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Did your choice seem clear and exciting at the beginning of the academic year but much less so at the end ?

Don't struggle alone with your doubs. Consider the available support.

► Questioning yourself and taking stock 

Are you wondering about your course choice ? Would you like to share your doubts and find out more about the path that suits you ?

There are several possibilities available to you. 

► Getting informed

We invite you to visite the webside of the Course and Career Guidance Center (CIO) 

Among other things, the CIO offers  Guidance E-Boutiqueyou an online tool to help you to (re)build your study project : cursus

It also offers you a host of tools to guide you in your assesment : the Course Guidance E-Boutique

Other places or resources can also support you as your reflect and consider your next steps : 

► And if I withdraw ...

You have withdrawn from your course and are wondering what to do next ?

The choice of and adaptation to higher education are not always easy, regardless of whether you were successful in your secondary education.The change of environment, subjects, teaching and working methods, and even culture, constitute a considerable challenge!

  • If you would like to discuss this with one of the team’s psychologists, we invite you to make an appointment.
  • Don’t hesitate to consult the Course and Career Guidance Centre (CIO) webpages!

If you have questions during the year, here is a non-exhaustive list of suggestions :

  • Course change

Begin a different course in the second term is possible until 15 February.

If you have already assessed your first term and chosen a new course : full speed ahead!

Contacts : the Enrolment Office has locations on five campuses. It is also useful to contact your faculty.

  • "Formation-Relais" (“Bridging course”) by the Centre d’enseignement supérieur de Promotion et de Formation continuée en Brabant wallon, CPFB 

Centre for Higher Education, Promotion and Continuing Education in Brabant wallon Province”)

Continue your academic year as a student. The CPFB offers you a bridging course that will allow you to continue your year while maintaining your student status, with a programme designed to help you find the right course: Formation-Relais©.

The programme is specially designed to :

  1. remotivate you
  2. develop the skills needed in higher education
  3. better understand what happened and build a well-founded course and/or professional plan
  • Fondation Benoit : explore new educational or life possibilities  

The Fondation Benoit offers a space for listening and reflection for young adults who feel stuck and are questioning their future.

More information at the Fondation Benoit. 

  • IFF Europe Tremplin (“Springboard”) Programme

    This is a 17-week course for young people who are questioning their educational path and want to take a break or take time to develop a new course or professional plan to bounce back. 

    Individualised support with workshops, tools, testimonials and exposure to the professional world.

    More information at IFF Europe.

  • Solidarcité volunteer year

    The Solidarcité volunteer year is a volunteer project that brings together young people aged 16 to 25 from all walks of life! If you decide to interrupt your university studies, this could be of interest to you.  More information at Solidarcité.