Social and financial help for international students




1. Bank guarantee deposit as proof of sufficient financial means for students. 

The bank deposit as a proof of means of living is now taken in charge by the International Relations Office.

You will find all the information on the bank deposit as a proof of means of living and the procedures to follow on their website.


2. UCLouvain’s financial assistance to non-Belgians

  • Financial assistance is available to European Union students and individuals with Belgian student status ⇒ go to "Aides sociales et financières"
  • For non-European Union students, financial assistance is limited but there are other types, such as student jobs, access to discounted groceries, second-hand stores, and payment of medical expenses not covered by a mutual insurance agency.
    You usually receive payment of financial assistance within eight days of receiving the letter notifying you of the agreement, and within 30 days at the latest. Payment is made to the account you provided.

Every situation is unique, so please contact a social worker at the Student Support Service.


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