Collective projects


An idea of a project to promote student health? We can help you!

Our team can be at your disposal to help you set up projects related to student health.

Whether you are a group of students, an association, a nonprofit organization, a circle, a regional, a “kot-à-projet” ...

Do not hesitate to contact us so we can discuss it together:

Some examples of projects for which we are partners

​​​​​​► Student projects that have benefited from our support

  • Thé Ok ? – nonprofit organization on consent (
  • Vertical balcony vegetable garden in "kots" (student accomodations)
  • Méméssagerie (medical students, Woluwe)

Student health surveys

Each year, the health team, the Student Life Observatory (L’Observatoire de la vie étudiante - OVE) and Univers santé team up to carry out a survey on student health. Four themes have been defined and are questioned in turn, with the help of a specialist academic representative for the theme of the year:

  • Alcohol and addiction
  • Emotional and sexual life
  • Diet and physical activity
  • Well-being and mental health

You will find more information concerning these surveys and the analysis of the results on the site of the Observatory of student life