"From 'Woman' to 'women' : feminine figures in the Aristotelian corpus" par María-Elena García -Peláez (Universidad Panamericana, Mexico)


07 décembre 2022


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Séance extraordinaire des Midis de l'Antiquité

Aristotelian approach to the feminine in general and to women in particular is problematic. Despite the absence of a systematic theory on the subject, it is possible to give an account of what Aristotle thought about women by gathering some ideas that appear mainly in the biological works, in the Politics, or in the Metaphysics. Different interpretations result from various reconstructions. Some of them aim to a critical presentation of Aristotle’s position towards the feminine, others try to explain his arguments or ideas without judging, while others even intend to justify them. In this talk, I propose to contribute to this controversial debate through a different method: rather than present the general and abstract ideas regarding women I will, instead, focus on the particular and concrete mentions of determinate women along the corpus aristotelicum. This includes: anonymous working women as well as specified or named authors, historical figures and literary or mythological characters.