Find your accommodation


- If you reserved UCLouvain accommodation in advance, report to the Accommodation Office with the following documents:

  • UCLouvain admission documents;
  • (photocopy) of identification document;
  • An international bank account number (with complete data: IBAN number, BIC/SWIFT code, bank name and address, other useful codes depending on your home country).

You will sign a lease agreement and be informed of the rental conditions (appendix of the lease agreement).

You will have to pay a security deposit, administrative fees, and first month’s rent. You will then receive the keys and a date will be fixed for an entry inventory of the accommodation.

The accommodations have neither bed linens or crockery but kits are available at the Accommodation Office.

More information

- If you plan to look for private accommodation upon arrival, the Accommodation Office can provide you with both short-term (hotels and hostels) and long-term (private owners and property agencies) accommodation information. Useful links on the webpage Alternatives to UCLouvain accommodation. A recommended solution is the Kaleo Youth hostel in Louvain-la-Neuve (opening in September 2019).

- If you did not reserve UCL accommodation in advance but want to apply for it, report to the Accommodation Office. Staff will provide you with short-term accommodation information (hotels and hostels). You may be asked to return daily and possibly be placed on a waiting list. If this is not desired or possible, staff can also provide you with long-term private accommodation information.

Researchers and lecturers:

See ‘Accommodation’ in the ‘Practical information’ section above.