When you arrive

The main steps to take during your first days in Belgium, whether you are a student, professor or researcher.

Please note: it’s important to complete the actions below in the order in which they are presented. For example, a residential address is necessary (and, for students, be enrolled at the university) to be able to register at city hall; some banks require proof of registration at city hall to be able to open a bank account.

First steps at UCLouvain

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2a.Enrol at the University

Bachelor’s and master’s students

2b. Sign employment contract (researchers and lecturers)

Employed researchers and lecturers must read the relevant regulations and prepare the documents required at contract signing (see the "Working at UCLouvain" intranet pages).

3. Register with your commune

Registration with the commune is compulsory for stays of more than three months.

4. Open a bank account

As mentioned in ‘Bank accounts’ in the ‘Practical Information’ chapter above, before you leave your home country check with your bank to see if it has a partner in Belgium.

Health exam

Foreign students who enrol for the first time at UCLouvain and who have lived in a country where tuberculosis is endemic (mostly Africa, South America, Asia and Eastern Europe) are required to...
Register with a health insurance agency

Register with a health insurance agency

Students who are not EU citizens are required to register with a health insurance agency (‘mutuelle’), which partially covers the cost of care, drugs and hospitalisation. To find a nearby...