Data Ambassadors


Research Data Management may also requires knowledge and skills that are embedded in disciplines specificities. 

Together with the other FWB-Universities, UCLouvain has build a community of Data Ambassadors.

Located in research institute, they are a point of contact for any question related to Research Data Management that requires a specific knowledge of your disciplines.

List of Data Ambassadors by Institutes:

- Claude Wildmann (DDUV)
- Xavier Draye (ELI)
- Jonathan Dedonder (IACCHOS)
- Ivan Stupia (ICTEAM)
- Louise-Amélie Cougnon (ILC)
- Patrick Watrin (ILC)
- Sadia Benyoub (IMCN)
- Jonathan Lambrechts (IMMC)
- Joël Ficet (INCAL)
- Nicolas Meunier (INCAL)
- Laurence Dricot (IONS)
- Olivier Schakman (IONS)
- Barbara Pachikian (IONS)
- Rémi Gau (IPSY)
- Olivier Mattelaer (IRMP)
- Jérôme De Favereau (IRMP)
- Régina Below (IRSS)
- Joël Ficet (ISP)
- Ferdinand Teuber (ISPOLE)
- Sonja Bitzer (JURI)
- Enguerrand Marique (JURI)
- Audrey Neyrinck (LDRI)
- Monique Tanga (LIDAM)
- Alain Guillet (LIDAM)
- Sylvie Baudine (LOURIM)
- Simon Hazée (LOURIM)
- Manon Martin (LIBST)